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If my numbering system is correct, this was our 250th strip. Woot!

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  1. Indigo

    Ahhhh the life of an intern, always the sacrificial goat never the glorious hero

  2. haggi

    i’ve tried a bunch of the free to play games.

    heloo walled garden.

    you get access to, at best, about 1/3 of the content of the game.

    it’s not worth it.

    nevermind the fact that if you’re not subscribing, you get told ‘eh, deal with it’ by the GMs when you have a problem with a quest or instance, assuming you even get to talk to a GM at all(looking at you DDO’s five day queue on petitions).

    having to pay for access to anything other than starter weapons/minimal upgrades, access to dungeons to complete quests? fark that.

  3. Falos

    Blizzard’s entire staff, top to bottom, could drop dead of heart attacks tomorrow (“Just as planned.” ~BioWare) and the remaining wealth would still be able run the servers until the organic corpse matter became diamonds.

    To replace their current solid-diamond toilets, you see.

  4. Aliok

    Congratulations on 250!

  5. Temo

    Haha! the “Blizzard Headquarters” are my favorite strips xD
    Congratulations on your strip no. 250! 😀

  6. Tim

    I used to pay for WoW until I got bored with it and actually dreaded logging in. Not saying the game has any polish issues, I was just tired of it. SWTOR came out, its a Triple A game even if end game is buggy as hell, not there yet so I’m not worried about it, at the moment. I pay because it’s worth it to me. Not really a big deal. If the game has all the features I want, or will have in the future, regular patches and maintenance, I will gladly pay a monthly fee for it.

  7. Cabbit

    Grats on the 250th strip.

    And honestly, even if an mmo goes “Free to Play” they’ll still find someway to get some cash out of you.

  8. Mikeztarp

    Grats guys! Now you’re going for 250 more! :)

  9. FeamTorturess

    Congrats on 250th strip!
    This was a good one, and unfortunately true as well..

  10. Alayea

    Congratulations on your 250th strip! Here’s to another 2 years of Daily Blink! 😀

  11. Tarela

    Congrats on 250th strip!

    Also, anyone else noticed that the gnome’s hair color changed? Last strip it was black and now it’s dark green.

  12. linkstormshadow

    yes it did change color probly from the amount of fear he’s experiencing

  13. lucky

    @Tarela: Fear does that to you, apparently.

  14. Zoma

    Wait a moment… his metal throne is made of money, but his cloth armor is made of metal?

  15. ChaosWolf

    @Zoma: Yup. He used part of his vast amounts of money to create cloth made out of metal just to piss off casters AND plate classes at the same time. And as for pissing off the Leather classes? Guess what’s under the robes.

  16. Lynneiah

    @Zoma: Does it *look* cloth? It’s got chains running all over it.

  17. Crestllinger

    Toonies for throne and metals hammered into cloth thiness.

    Gratz on the 250 mark ^^ 750 more cinders/kills to go

  18. myst

    grats on 250!

  19. mans51

    Actually I’m pretty sure they will change to F2P considering how they got us the “annual subscription” deal, dont you think diablo III auctionhouse will inflate the amount of gametime bought when all you can buy from the money there is WoW time? it’s perfectly legal too, so now goldsellers will go there instead. Think about it, Chris.

  20. Soeroah

    @mans51 You can also buy the pets, mounts, server transfers and character alterations with Diablo III monkey, if I’m reading it right.

  21. Soeroah

    Money, not monkey.

  22. Brethrenn

    I want a diablo 3 monkey!

  23. mans51

    well yeah but, I doubt that what’s gonna be the most sold item from their store in any case.

  24. mans51

    think** not doubt. stupid me

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