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Cut for length: 'Sir, your 7:30 is here.' 'What, that helm I asked for? Our item level is that high this expansion? Excellent.' 'Uh, no sir...' 'Well, it should be.'

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  1. Reckless

    Haha, oh boy. Dat SWTOR troll on the sign.

  2. Dagny

    “Our MMO is actually multiplayer” that made me laugh.

  3. JSStryker

    Poor Benji, I foresee this not ending well for him LOL!

  4. JesRaven

    Anyone else imagine this cialis for cheap guy speaking in Associate Professor Evil’s voice? >.>

  5. Peachii

    @ JesRaven: YES!! :D Oxhorn <3

  6. haggi

    Yes JesRaven, definitely yes.

  7. Aliok

    kotastiq = kotaku + joystiq? Anywho, generic levitra uk I missed these guys! <3

    Unfortunately, the alt text went over my head. :(

  8. Substance20

    @ Aliok: He thought his new helm was Item Level 730.

  9. Aliok

    @Substance20: Ohhhhhh. Lol! Thank you.

  10. Crestllinger

    If ever there was a cue fo that 300 pit in the karazan crypts this is it.

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