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Less publicized but just as relevant is Greatfather Winter's Orc counterpart, Great-Father, was also hacked. When asked what he planned to do in response, he responded by phone, 'Screw going through support, I'm in China right now. I'm going to bust some heads until I get everything back.'

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  1. Aliok

    Hahaha! Awesome. I give major props to Greatfather for being proactive, but my inner Horde is even more pleased with Great-Father’s course of action. 😀 Great comic.

  2. Zoma

    I nearly pissed myself at the final sentence.

  3. Cabbit

    @ Aliok: Agreed. But it also makes my inner Alli cry that the Horde get to have such a no-holds bar-taking-back-what’s-his Holiday Entity.

  4. Mikeztarp

    Love the mouseover. xD
    For the Ho-Ho-Horde!

  5. Druzle

    Epic mouseover

  6. Tirienne

    A particularly Brilliant installment!

  7. Aliok

    @Cabbit: Well, you *could* re-roll. Just kidding! Here, you can have some of my [Sparkling Apple Cider] stash. :)

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