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Mike would like it noted how awesome his transmog'd gear looks. I have now obliged.

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  1. Krish

    “They didn’t remove rogues in the new expac?” <3

  2. Dan

    haha I love you guys

  3. Kawari

    Two trolls in one, good game guys :)

  4. Katlamos

    The Shattered Sun tabard is my favorite one. But yes, if only they would get rid of rouges. Life would be so much sweeter <3

  5. Gazimoff

    Congratulations on getting a more annoying version of Molten Fury :)

  6. Sinkuu

    oh behalf of this warrior, thank you for bitchslapping rogues. :)

  7. Gauda

    Ur belf and his orc looks perfect for some bromance just like tholo and anren (they are like Brokeback Mount hyjal)

  8. zimnic

    I expected some kind of police/CB joke… Oh well…

  9. Snowbluff

    I was hoping for the protal gun to actually make a portal, we can’t all be happy.

  10. Dagny

    I want to hug Mike.

  11. Crestllinger

    I guess they Dispatched that idea. *Runs from Cyan.

  12. Music-chan

    I feel so bad for rogues. They don’t really have anything to be interested in yet :(

  13. Grakkh

    Feeling bad for rogues? That’s like… feeling bad for a person who stubbed his toe while kicking an orphan in the head 😉

  14. Dallanna

    Cute. Well, at least I am confident in knowing there won’t be a paladin one, because everything we got is either something we once had, spread out from the Ret tree, and or just the same thing with a different name.

  15. Music-chan

    @Grakkh Well, someone’s got to feel bad for the orphan-kickers! =p

  16. Nakara

    It really is nothing more than Backstab with the Murderous Intent talent.

  17. Valmorfëa

    Hey, rogues need love too :(

  18. Angle

    You realize this isn’t really a new ability right? This is just replacing backstab for mutilate rogues since backstab is going to be for the sub tree only.

    Backstab ALREADY is basically an execute for rogues.

  19. Forestlord

    If they removed rouges, who would we hate on/make fun of?

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