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Dear Gaming journalists: Speculating on whether MMO will be 'The WoW killer' is like insisting that the NFL Network would finally drive ESPN off the air. This isn't Highlander, people.

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  1. Katlamos

    Sounds shockingly familiar.

  2. Xan

    2 good MMO’s = Competiton.

    Competition means better content output for both

    Better content output = happy gamers(impossible?!)

    Don’t know how to break it down simpler than that.

  3. Voxer

    Oh ho ho, let the flaming commence!

    Or rather not… But yeah… There will always be the dispute about which game is the best… As there is with consoles, movies and all other brands in general really… Sadly.

  4. fung

    Bbbbbut… There can be only one!

  5. Rozalyn

    Haha, the highlander…
    I’m kinda tired of this debate which mmo will finally bring an end to the oh so feared reign of terror of WoW. Especially because I spend my time on teamspeak with three guys talking about nothing else. “Ohh I can choose what I want to say to the NPC! That’s so much better then WoW.”, “Ohhh I can kill my class trainer. He said I’d have to do something for him and would get exp and credits for it, but I was so offended, I just killed him. Yeah! That’s way more fun that killing critters around the dalaran well!”. “OMG, some ppl I know returned to WoW now, I’m so disappointed and mad at them and stuff… how could they… why don’t they just take over my opinion and play SWTOR… it hurts my feelings… *sob*”

    *sigh* I totally need new ingame friends.

    Nevertheless, great strip! As always.

  6. Ruana

    Oh the mouseover text is loffly.

  7. Mikeztarp

    I can’t stop laughing at the rouge reference! xD

  8. Sarahjane

    “Rouge” got me as well lol Well done as usual!

  9. skidderhitter

    Oh but no! I don’t have enough time to do what I want on ONE – I would have to quit school to have enough time as it is… which would soon find me without power and internet. I don’t know how people can have multiple max gear toons AND a job/school/friends. I sure can’t. *sob* I’m such a failure. Luckily there is beer to ease my burdens.

    SWTOR is likely to squash my venerable GPU like poo under a bootheel so I won’t be required to make a choice.

  10. JJSon

    awesome work

  11. Prowler

    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE …….. oh, wait.

    Good stuff as usual, guys.

  12. Malficia

    “The scientist were trying to compare WoW to something different. SW:TOR doesn’t qualify.”

    Pure gold!

  13. Claire Elrin
    Claire Elrin

    Oh my god, too funny. I grinned the entire time. And Clinton, lol.

  14. TooManyAlts

    I enjoy the placement of StarWars and WOW…hehe

  15. Uriah

    “This isn’t Highlander, people.” hehe

  16. Elderin


  17. JesRaven

    Ragnarok Online will crush them both! Sprites FTW!

  18. Angelic_Mew

    SWTOR, WoW… who cares. There will be a new MMO on 12 Dec 2012 that will be the end of them all… Don’t you remember what the Mayans said?

  19. Zoma

    Stupid researchers. Next they’ll try telling us you can own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 at the same time.

  20. Forestlord

    It is possible. I play both WOW and Rift. It can be darned expensive though

  21. Cabbit

    With more mmos becoming free to play, DCOnline the next to be included in the list, as long as your computer can handle them you can play as many as you want.

  22. SK

    Blood Elf ROUGE? Was that deliberately spelled wrong?

  23. Carson

    Pretty sure I know where at least one Nobel Prize is going this year. This discovery shakes the very foundations of numerous different scientific fields.

  24. Poobies

    Welp we made it 3 comments until someone had to bash either game then Rozalyn steps up like a champ and does it.

    Another thing people don’t understand is that it’s okay to still love WoW, (Or SWTOR) but to admit that the other game does something better. Like to me it’s obvious SWTOR has a better questing system because that’s what Bioware excels at. And I can say that also saying WoW has a better PVP system by far.

    Neither of these two massive MMO behemoths will be going anywhere for a long time to come guys. Just enjoy the fact that we’ll finally have competition between MMOs again. This is a great thing! Bioware will always be worried about Blizzard, and now Blizzard will worry about Bioware. It can only mean better things for us gamers.

  25. Xuvial

    “…added the Blood Elf rouge”?
    Why DailyBlink, why??

  26. Schlism

    I have to say… I play them both…I enjoy them both… and well… for those that are gullible enough to believe that “both” SWTOR and WoW will be around for along time to come with greatness ensuing for them both… Blizzard has already said that they were working on a NEW MMO… with that being said… do you think they are seriously going to pour countless man hours into WoW to compete with SWTOR when the other one is on the way?? I have said this many times… they are just using WoW to bide their time for “Titan” they are not using WoW to “compete” with SWTOR… once “Titan” comes out, WoW will be put on the back burner… no I am not saying that there will be no “new” content, I am just saying that they are not going to use the content to “race” SWTOR…

    But… the article was f’n hilarious non the less

  27. Pancho88

    Still just play Wow since BC.

  28. Bob Marley
    Bob Marley

    I can think of like 255,341 people who need to see this

  29. Sarcastyx

    I’m a ROGUE, not a ROUGE, GODDAMMIT!!!!

  30. No

    The unfortunate thing is that SWTOR -isn’t- a good MMO.
    It is, however, an awesome game for the same reasons Mass Effect is.

  31. Windry

    I think it’s hilarious that the original picture of this handshake is between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin, the leaders of Palestine and Israel. Shortly after, the peace was betrayed and 2 years later Rabin (the guy on the left) was assassinated.

  32. mensa

    <3 Clinton

  33. Tyler Schuett

    Having played WOW hard core for 5 years… and now playing the pre-released version of Star Wars (which by the way is WAY more polished than the beta versions) I have to say, that while I will always keep paying for WOW, Star Wars has nailed it. It has me excited to play the MMO experience again. I love the story and going through the content makes me really excited. I want to play all the classes. I have a significant amount of emotional attachment to WOW, but leveling content in WOW is a pure grind. Star Wars is a rich experience. Do I think they can both do well? Certainly. Is Blizzard worried about WOW? Of course. Why else would they suddenly request their subscriber base to ‘commit for a year’? I think they will both be around for a long time, but my eyes are focused on SWTOR for the foreseeable future.

  34. Hearthfiend

    As a gaming journalist, I know that no journalist would make the mistake from the alt text. Not because we know better, but because the media is still hung up on the “VIDEO GAMES = MURDERING, SATANIC CHILDREN” thing.

  35. assilley

    compeition for wow is good, i think they need it, because they will have to put a lot of work into th enext expansion.. but maybe its almost time that blizz bought out a new, fresh mmo.. World of starcraft anyone?

  36. Eranith

    I played WoW pritty regularly for about two years now (I know, its not very long for BC and vinella WoW players) but it just seems like its getting lazy now. Instead of any real, lasting content thats supposed to be a challenge, they stuck a product together, pulled the difficulty down so that just about anyone on earth could beat it in just a few weeks and then your stuck with a boss where there is no real strong motivation to “experiance the story” because I already beat him on raid finder. It sucked all of the magic and motivatiion out of it when everyone in the raid has already beat the guy on the first week and have all already seen the cutscene. I guess I like star wars because its the new “big thing” but I can see how their extreamly long cut scenes for every quest could be a pain if you wana relevel the same kind of toon for friends or something, otherwise, it feels like starwars is everything WoW USED to be and SHOULD be but isnt anymore, which is “challenging”.

  37. Yondame

    I played wow for 7 years including closed beta. I left wow because its become increasingly easier to do anything in the game. You log in and q, log out after collecting your gear if you even really need any. I had 2 fully raid geared and one heroic geared character. It became a log in every tues/wed to raid and then log off for the week.

    I welcome SWTOR, I played the beta and I’m enjoying live. And I know the other 1.5+ million that just joined me and others on the 20th are happier. YES, there can only be one top MMO. Will SWTOR be the one to take down WOW? That no one can predict. But will it take it down to where blizzard shuts down WOW? NO, because WoW back when it first launched, they only planned to have 1 million people, those amounts were greatly underestimated by blizzard. So right now.. WoW could lose another 9 million subs and blizzard would still have the lights on and servers up. And it would actually make them face their flaws and make the game shine once again like it did in Classic and BC.

    The newbies, I call them because 99% of the WoW team now is entirely new. The vet’s left or were forced to go to other departments to pump out new content for SC2, D3 and titan MMO. The need some “battle” experience under their belts when it comes to competition and MMO’s. Just like when WoW released, there were alot of decent MMO’s at the time that WoW had to beat, and they did just that.

    WoW is the only thing that can kill WoW.

  38. manos1234

    Both WoW and Call of duty needed their competitor, and they got one each now

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