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11. When discovering that one of the jokes in your strip is almost a retreading of the joke used in last year's new years resolution hovertext, find the motivation to edit the strip... naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

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  1. Star

    Lazy writers are lazy *grin*

  2. Oukar

    You need to carry through with #9 and inform us of how that goes. 😀

  3. Temo

    I would love to see what happens with resolution 9 😀

  4. Oler

    Meh viable once a year. Still worth a chuckle.

  5. amdis reed
    amdis reed

    I loved number 8 and 9

  6. Tim

    Oh God. I am #4. (oh hey, it’s like that movie title)

  7. arc

    “Resolution Number 9″, sounds like a weird Beatles song to me …

  8. Crestllinger

    #8 would be a short lived venture. Can’t we all ju *stab get *scorch along? *trample.

    here’s a #12 for ya: have one month this year beat the 20 strip record.

  9. Tasha @ Kentucky Geek Girl

    Go Chris Go! This is an awesome list! You can RESOLVE ALL THE THINGS! #endlesscheerleader

  10. Sinkuu

    hell, if my friend DOES get me TOR, I might do #9 myself for the laughs!

  11. Kaima

    Resolution #9 would be awesome, please let us know how it works out if you try it. :)

    I laughed out loud at resolutions #2 & #3. 😀

  12. Uriah

    I like #3 😉

  13. jjson

    i like number 1 because im a hunter and i kno your going to fail

  14. JesRaven

    I wish I could brutally maim all the hunters that give the rest of us a bad name. >.<

  15. Aliok

    #9 sounds awesome. *evil laugh*

  16. Elderin

    What’s wrong with dagnabbit?

  17. Snowbluff

    I get a bunch of “whoopsie daisies” for quoting Math from EJ during dungeon runs.

  18. Siah

    for god sake !!! man !!! practice writing !!!! its hard to read what you write !!! anyways i like 2-3 lol…

  19. CaerRaven

    I so badly want to see what happens if you do #9. Please roll on Lord Adraas. I want to see it.

  20. Cabbit

    I applaud you for at least being honest for your first resolution. Now work on 9 and make it actually happen.

  21. Forestlord

    I would by SWTOR for the sole purpose of doing #9

  22. Maeltum

    For some reason when I read all of those, I thought ‘Chris’ meant ‘Chris Metzen’. Which was actually quite hilarious for #1 and #2.

  23. mdisco

    “kael’thalas” wtf is kael’thas ;D

  24. Kael'Thalas

    So to number 6, I am sure you mean Kael’Thas, but I got a good laugh out of that, since my main character since TBC came out is a blood elf paladin named Kael’Thalas. In case you are being serious, then I accept the challenge!

  25. Sareth

    Please roll #9 on my server ;D It’d be hilarious, us RP’ers can take a joke you know!

  26. Tombstone-X

    Funny How a Arcane Mage user talks about picking on hunters! its been a long time since BC that hunters was a two button wonder yet your mages still are!!!! Maybe Blizzard know you guys are just too “Special” to learn new trick’s! lol

  27. Drex

    Twi’lek might work better since they both have head tenticals

  28. Shadowakumu

    that’s an computer font … if you didnt see the exact similar stlye for each letter then sry

  29. Chris Hanel
    Chris Hanel


    Sorry, but no…. this strip is definitely handwritten.

  30. Tashiketsu

    Yeah I’ve already been doing #7 for years. They can wait!

  31. Nemy

    for 7, you should always use a turtle mount.

  32. Trogdor

    Had a good laugh at those 10. Now, what were the other 2002?

  33. Relix


    I’m sorry you can’t tell that the D’s in Dranei and Dagnabit and the double F’s in affirmation clearly don’t match, although have a similar style. It’s pretty obviously hand written, and on that note, his handwriting is reasonably legible, perhaps it’s a bit sloppy due to the nature of the strip?

  34. Sijmister


    Yea, it’s handwritten. It even has a few greenish-yellow dots that look like they might be Dijon mustard.

  35. idletime

    Playing a BE isn’t a bad thing, provided it’s not a male. If you’re a male BE hunter then you’re hopelessly lost. Please break #1 asap, the class is mostly trash and nobody listens to them whine anyhow.

  36. Myrianda

    #1 should also say “Paladin” in there somewhere, and telling Greg Street to stop being a douche to both Paladins and I guess hunters as a whole. :(

  37. Ark

    @ Tombstone he’s a Fire/Frost mage… those are clearly harder than arcane

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