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To be serious, it's not that we think server transferring twice for a world first is bullshit... but server transferring twice for a world first is bullshit.

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  1. Sinkuu


  2. Chonar

    Oh dear lordy, this is a thing of beauty.
    Shameless creativity indeed!

  3. Alayea

    Great DB comic, and amen to the alt text!

  4. JesRaven

    I want that sombrero!

  5. Falos


  6. Tatlreach

    I think not having to look up what cyrillic is would have made this much funnier…

  7. хуимбос

    What the fuck? Why he speaking spanish?

  8. calibro

    Ты не въехал чувак, ну с твоим интеллектом это и не удивительно.
    His mexican appearance is an allusion to illegal immigrants from Mexico to USA. Most likely ;D

  9. calibro

    And yeah, his name can be almost exactly translated as “Imbas”.

  10. charriu

    I’d say the point of speaking spanish there (and having to think about what to say) would be to mimic being a “native” to that server.

    In other words, the correct way of getting legendaries apparently involves server hopping to reset your raid lockouts.

  11. AressFenus

    I love how she even has a fake mustache. I wish that and the sombraro were available in-game.

  12. LilRizzo

    I think that not having to look up what Cyrillic means made this hilarious for me.

  13. Jennifer

    There’s an old joke about a guy being pulled over by police and pretending not to speak English – I’m guessing that’s the point of this.

  14. waaaaahh

    The guild with world first daggers xferred servers to reset lockouts to get world first glory, the whole Mexican thing is a trick

  15. Buu

    Isn’t a Mexican disguise one recurrent gag in Looney Toones? I’m guessing it comes from there.

  16. JesRaven

    “What’s your name, sir?” “Perdon, no hablo ingles.” “Como se llama, senor?” “I don’t speak Spanish either.”

    ^ I think the joke you’re thinking of goes along those lines… … … Or that’s another joke altogether. PS: Sorry for butchering the Spanish language, there.

  17. Gara

    Is “Huuu… ¿qué? no hablo ingles…”, if you are joking with our language, at least learn it properly.

  18. Freohr

    I want that mustache too !
    Epic as always, great job 😀

  19. Tribal

    funny how calibro tries to insult people on the internet he sees for the 1st time. Butthurt much?

    The comic is hilarious :) made my day

  20. Mikeztarp

    That sombrero is an epic drop on Deathwing HM that only unlocks if you’ve transferred more than once. 😛

  21. zikiniva

    jokes on him, ya can’t get realms first achies within 2 months of server changing

  22. Billaxle

    That Hovertext is made of pure 100% natural-grown AWESOME!

  23. Gideonis

    That is by far the best webcomic that I have ever read. Amen Deathwing!

  24. Crestllinger

    Fang you very much for getting to the Tooth of the matter.

  25. nohablaingles

    To all those who had to look up with Cyrillic is: you need to study more and play wow less, holy crap stupid.

  26. Keltuzad

    this rogue is russian…cyrillic is a russian alphabet.

  27. Eric

    World first just getting more and more stupid lol

  28. Bob

    Wow, some people are really struggling with humor today. Lets explain this:

    1. Bad Spanish? Yes, because he’s Russian and probably doesn’t speak Spanish.
    2. Why Sombrero and Mexican Attire? Because he’s trying to disguise himself as someone he is not.
    3. Why Cyrillic? Because he’s Russian.

  29. Cabbit

    Shouldn’t it be considered ironic though that a rogue would do something sneaky like that? Or since it was a rogue could it have been expected?

  30. kunoichi

    cabbit: expected, not ironic.

    gara: but the point is that the goblin *doesn’t* know Spanish and is in fact a speaker of a language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Correct conjugation would almost be weird!

  31. Hibbert

    I just want to say, thank you Bob for actually getting the joke.
    That is all.

  32. Shiran

    He is from Soviet guild why is he speaking Mehican? This don’t make no sense. Or just ignorance on the part of creators.

  33. Tombstone-X

    @ Alayea Step 1 is Cyrillic is alphabet in another language and some PC’s where you don’t have use Ascii codes to do! But, Step 2 it is call Ascii mapping codes! Not alt. kinda the joke of the comic, guy from Russia server transfer to Latin server to get more stuff to complete his Legendary! P.S. love the comic Chris!! Even if not practical.

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