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--sniffle-- Welcome home.

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  1. MrGhee

    Nicely done

  2. Mikeztarp

    And if you feel nostalgic, you can always play the lightsaber mod for Skyrim. 😛

  3. Jim Younkin

    It’s not really SWTOR’s fault I didn’t renew. I just spend so much time in WoW that I doubt any MMO would be able to overcome it’s gravitational pull.

    At some point the right mixture of new MMO and waning interest in WoW will make me fully jump ship but until that day I have no good reason to move.

  4. Leilanirane

    I like them both…mostly the only reason I really enjoy WoW anymore is because of the friends I play with. However, the friends are more and more ending their WoW subscriptions, so for now I’ll play both. I love SWTOR story lines, they are pretty epic, and I enjoy being able to pick my responses. Plus, come on who doesn’t love to electrokill players by the dozens?!?

  5. Bear

    Swtor’s quests really aren’t more verbose than WoW’s. They’re just presented in a more engaging format. WoW’s quests are more “wall of text, td;dr with impatient group members waiting for you.” I don’t feel as though they pull one into the story as well, and some places/bosses hardly have any stories at all.

    I’ve been trying to play both games, because there are aspects of each than are better than the other, but WoW doesn’t have enough of a pull on me anymore. I will probably try it again in MoP. :/

  6. Thannak

    One thing about Old Republic makes it almost impossible to play WoW anymore: non-dedicated class roles.

    No recount, so as long as a boss dies everything went fine. Healers can split their attention between actually fighting and healing others as needed rather than keeping constant attention to health bars and tossing out a limp wristed attack now and then.
    Finally, tanks not having to keep every single monster’s attention or get booted. Having one or two “must tank” mobs along with trash that won’t nuke the mage or toast the healer is nice. Let’s the tough guys deal with the tough stuff and not every single thing in sight.

    Oh yeah, not having to grind for cloth or search for metal helps too.

  7. JesRaven

    Until Twi’lek become a playable race in WoW, I’ll play both. *nod*

  8. Shannon

    Wait, JesRaven, those aren’t Dranei?

  9. mans51

    ^ 1+

  10. Crestllinger

    And the result of #9 in reverse.

  11. Alayea

    I participated in the beta for SW:ToR for a bit. I chose not to purchase the game because I knew there was no way I could devote the time and money to two MMOs. So for now, it’s still WoW for me.

  12. Arrowsmith

    I’m playing WoW and Star Trek online together. Nothing like sitting in your ship and seeing Captain Deathwing of the U.S.S. Cataclysm go soaring by (True Story).

  13. Medros

    Well played sir…well played…

  14. zealous

    I had more respect to DB before this comic. I find this kind of fanboyishly cheap in its sarcastic generalization, not something I expected from them.

    I personally am playing TOR along with my friends, all old WoW vets, and we all prefer to leave that latter in our fond memories, where it belongs at this point for us.

    I really can’t imaging coming back to WoW anymore, and I’m being absolutely sincere.

    I do not mean to bash on WoW, it’s been a big part of my life for almost 6 years and I’m of the philosophy of “live and let live”. But I’d just like to show the other part of the argument.

    P.S. As to “bug-ridden shores”, those who’ve participated in other MMO launches will know how hypocritical that line is, especially coming from a WoW player.

  15. zealous

    Hm, after reading the explanation given to this comic on the front page, I take my words about losing respect back.

    I guess it’s just not very clear that you guys mostly meant the issue of dual subscription and were describing personal experience.

    I just hope this isn’t seen by most as your anti-TOR position (especially by those that, like me, never go to your front page, but simply click direct comic links from mmo-c).

  16. CaerRaven

    I play ToR for now, but chances are good I’ll eventually go back to WoW, I miss my Hunter and my Mage.

  17. bbmeltdown

    I do play both MMOs but haven’t given WoW all that much love lately. Most of the guild shifted over to TOR to unlock the storylines and hop into those FP/OPs. What I like from TOR that I wish WoW brought back was the “challenge” and “difficulties” we encounter while level. On WoW, it’s just too easy to race through the levels. I remember around BC, the extremely tough grind through Darkshore as a warrior (very new to WoW then) and getting beat on by murloc packs! To survive and advance another level felt like a reward for all the blood, sweat, and tears. Nowadays, I barely blink and advance to 20. And rep grinding somewhat fulfills that challenge need but very barely since it’s the same thing over and over and over — *whimpers* such as killing 2-3 rep pirates with 0 repeatable quests.

  18. JohnnyBGD

    Just wait until the sight of Pandas arrive. WoW was awesome, but Pandas? Ntyvm, never again.

  19. Tom

    Most of my guild jumped ship for SWTOR and i followed a few weeks later. Questing is VERY Fun in SWTOR. It also gives me something to do until Diablo 3

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