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The more you read of this hovertext, the more data the server is sending. YOU ARE A SELFISH PERSON FOR CONTINUING TO READ. Any second now the website is going to go back down and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

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  1. Astalnar

    lol, things seem to have just gone serious 😀

    Love it

  2. Uriah


  3. Rozalyn

    Selfish, mean, evil users reading hovertexts. lol.

  4. Drogra

    Your comic, once again, has made me chuckle enthusiastically. Although I question why you had a Goblin Engineer install anything you didn’t want to explode.

  5. Erik

    @Drogra: if we’re keeping the Goblin Engineers away from the stuff we want to be ok, can we send an Engineering team to work on Lady Gaga’s microphones?

  6. JesRaven

    GAH! *stops reading hover text* SORRY! SORRY! I didn’t mean to break it!

  7. Impire

    This reaffirms my decision to come to the Daily Blink and leave the hovertext up during my daily 6 hour long naps. NO REGRETS.

  8. Crestllinger

    *Gleefully reads the hover text and sets up computer to mouse over and back every second.

  9. Alayea

    So that’s why the website has been acting strange lately… IT’S ALL MIKE’S FAULT!

  10. Aliok

    If his engineering really is max, then why is Mike attempting to repair it instead of summoning Jeeves? Jeeves fixes *everything*.

  11. Chambertin

    I think that’s me back there with the blue eyes.

    Bad little netgoblin I am. Not only did I read the hovertext all the way through, I posted here, and I also sent a long and detailed 3 page email to Al Lowe, Ken Williams, Activision Blizzard, Vivendi, Vivendi Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Activision Vivendi, Activision Vivendi Blizzard and …
    detailing how the world really needs a Leisure Suit Larry MMO.

    er.. I mean I’m sorry? … oops? … my bad? …

    MUAHAHAhhhahahhaHHHAhahaah (eivil always wins because good is dumb)

  12. Lycanthrope

    You guys need my Tauren who is max-level Gnomish (read: REAL engineering) to come and take a look at that for ye.

  13. Malkamar

    Hope those gnomes don’t cause too much trouble…

    Off-topic, I don’t know if you two control ads here, but if you do, could you drop the political ads? I get those deluging me everywhere.

  14. mans51


    no! what have you done! 😮 the horrrorrrrssss

  15. xSUDDENx

    Love the use of the fallout background of the start! Great work.

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