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Q: What surprised you most during your research of Dragon Soul raiding? A: How much the writers abused Izzie's storyline in Season 5. I mean, seriously!

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  1. Christopher

    Pfffha, I was just reading this Blue post and all the rage surrounding it.

    Brilliant comic, and likely my favorite WoW/Blizzard related comic, keep up the awesome job with it!

  2. Sinkuu


  3. Purva

    Bow before the might of the blue. Its the Big (Blue) Brother in game :)

  4. Simon

    Haha nice one!

    Bashiok is watching you!

  5. Auramis

    Funny because true. It’s not even that hard of content if people focus.

  6. Gazimoff

    Why do I get the feeling that at this year’s Blizzcon, SOMEONE will have made Bashiok God vinyl stickers and and put them everywhere…

  7. Thracen

    Buff Arcane Intellect because mages are dumb. O WUT UMADBRO?!


  8. Kazz

    Fantastic comic, not a one I didn’t love though. Last panel nearly choked me to death, I need to learn not to take a drink while reading these.
    As far as the blue posts, I am getting sick othe harcores thinking end-game content is for them only. We all pay the same price for this game, and as a 4 year WoW vet myself, I think we all deserve a shot, this is well timed and better implemented than the Firelands nerfs too.

  9. haggi

    okay, the punchline made me laugh pretty good.

    btw you guys owe me a laptop.

  10. Alayea

    While I know about the nerf and how it’s being received, I have to throw in the towel here because the joke has gone over my head.

  11. Taemojitsu

    Alayea: clipboard

  12. Aliok

    I would always make jokes about changing into my hero costume when next to an outhouse.

    ಠ_ಠ I am never ever going near an outhouse again.

    (Funny comic, btw!)

  13. Alayea

    @Taemojitsu: If you mean the alt text, I did read it. And I still don’t understand the reference. Guess I’ll try my luck with Google. :S

  14. Crestllinger

    Lmao if there Is a buff to Arcane in tin the near future.

  15. Music-chan

    @Alayea I think it’s a reference to Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t watch the show myself so I’m not certain.

  16. Paul

    Bashiok is Ceiling Cat!

  17. Zophor

    This reminds me of all those attempts at keyloggers to get your account on the forums with al l those “big brother is watching you” posts.

    Who knew they were right, lol.

  18. Dummeh

    Im a bit sad to say i didnt understand it at first read through. and i still dont understand the hoover text or w/e its called 😛

  19. Adam

    @Alayea, the underlined sentence is about tracking people who stopped raiding. This poor Elf got tracked a bit too long.

  20. Dolen

    We don’t think it’s only for us. We think it’s for anyone who can complete it, and there’s nothing elitist about expecting people to put efforts into improving. Actually, please show me ANY area of human endeavor where experience and effort aren’t valued.

    And please don’t claim it’s too hard to improve your character. There are ridiculous amounts of information available, all for FREE, just a Google away. There are class discussions, gear picking tools, reforge/enchant/gem optimizer web sites, and much more. I promise, you don’t have to sign in blood to use them.

    Put a little effort into improving your play, and we evil hardcores (yeah, we’re sick of being called the villains) will welcome you with open arms.

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