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Removed from this handy guide for the sake of brevity: Do you have the enchanting rod that you need for that formula? Do you have the mats to make it? Well...

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  1. Storm

    Step one, level JC to max. Step 2, level Enchanting to be able to DE Cata blues. Step 3,get Alchemy high enough to be able to transmute carnelians. Step 4, buy and prospect all the elementium ore you can find. Step 5, transmute the carnelians, cut all the rubies, make into jewelry all the green quality gems (except for those nasty blues!). Step 6, DE all the jewelry. Step $, sell it all.

    spend 2k on ore, make 10k on gems, enchanting mats. I made 120k in a month before i got bored.

  2. badimo

    I have no idea what everyone is talking about here.

    Leveling enchanting is really easy. Just DE every quest green and instance blue/purple. I must be missing something here.

  3. Ridish

    Meh enchanting is easy engineering is the real pain u need leather, cloth, bars, gems, and a special mats that only blacksmiths can craft and u have to craft the plans for that part and give it to the blacksmith. And when u reach max lvl engineering the only thing you can make money of is the mechanohog which no 1 every wants to buy …. no actually u can craft a lootarang that allows u to loot a corpse from 12 yeards away

  4. snark^

    Awesome comic, lovely simple flowchart – no idea where you got the idea enchanting was so easy to do as depicted though.

  5. k

    I’ll be using Darkmoon Faire to lvl jewelcrafting and engineering for my alt. Five skill points per month, it’ll only take a little less than 9 years to hit 525… think of all those mats I can save

  6. insertclevernamehere

    they should at least take out the primal might req for the runed adamantite? rod. i spent about 3k across 3 alts, raided my gbanks, and then spent 3+ hours trying 2 find an alchemist that even had the formula -.-

    never again

  7. Star

    What a controversial topic today’s dailyblink is.

    And yeah…this chart is -very- exact. Altough some people decide to just skip a step before it either fails or succeed (I for one almost never activaly grind for cloth)

  8. Demonicangel

    add to that, the fact you go into a dungeon while everyone uses your skill to disenchant items, you then loose out on disenchant roll, now you have to buy mats off AH and give the guy who just won the roll profit for nothing and yet ppl still expect you to enchant stuff for next to nothing.

  9. Andreanna

    And this is why I use my fiance’s enchanter and not my own…..

  10. Tarix

    What’s BFE?

  11. Veselatrava

    Out of 8 trading skills enchanting is IMHO 3rd easiest profession to level up (easier being alchemy and tailoring) but more important one of 3 most earning skills (other 2 being JWC and alchemy).
    I have enchanting on max level on 5 chars. When I think about all the profits that came only from DEing the old gear which you change with each patch (and from questing during leveling) it seems that my chars earn just enough for each of them to be self-sufficient in enchanting material needs.
    This is true on the realm I live….. I mean I play :)

  12. Kaeral

    B.F.E. = Bumble F*** East.

  13. Chambertin

    Stands for Butt F**king Egypt
    Means out in the middle of nowhere, far from anywhere you’d want to be.

  14. Chryos


    BFE is Bum F***, Egypt. It’s a common acronym to mean “way the hell out in the middle of nowhere.”

  15. CaerRaven

    I will never ever…ever… grind another enchanter. Not to save my life. If someone set me on fire… I would still say no.

  16. Chambertin

    Rag set you on fire and you still hoped for that enchanting recipe. Nefarion set you on fire and you still hoped. Karazan didnt have much fire, what a let down. You burned in Tempest Keep, not looking for a fiery mount, but yes that one Enchanting recipe…
    Your feet burned with acid and plague scum as you did Naxx a second time hoping for that one enchant. You got to see many pretty blue flames in ICC as you again prayed that you were the only leveled enchanter there.
    Now you go through the expansion of fire hoping for MORE recipes.
    You have been set on fire, are on fire now, and will burn again as you chase that Recipe. The old Gods Demand it – Muahahahahahaha
    I think I went nutty after my 4th time leveling Enchanting…. Just paying the server transfer would be so much cheaper.

  17. Journeyman

    You think that’s hardcore? Try to remember lvling enchanting in classic.

  18. toliman

    RE: Storms’s entry on JC/Alchemy alt for cash, Orecrusher was and is a good addon for working out ore valuations and profitable transmutes, our server’s pushed carnelian up to 100g for crazy reasons, so orecrusher isn’t as useful, but it’s nice to have around.

    Part 2 of this will be

    “how to make money at 525 tailoring … in decision ? Y / N format.

    “do you have enough to make something with dreamcloth ? Y / wait 1-2 months for sufficient dreamcloth”

    “Is it the next day ? make more dreamcloth/ farm 20 stacks for more f’n dreamcloth”

    “are the mats more than 1000g ? it will sell for 40g / it will sell for 40g

    “will you sell the item anyway ? Yes / start farming cloth again

    DID it sell ? “i could make money with this / you were undercut by 20 other sellers after being the only seller at the time.”

    repost it again ? “next month it will sell / i’m levelling inscription /i’m levelling JC instead.

  19. Forestlord

    this perfectly decribes the enchanting process

  20. Minoly

    >I will never ever…ever… grind another enchanter. Not to save my life. If someone set me on fire… I would still say no.

    I said this to me sooo much times, and now i have 5 enchanter… :(
    and everytime i finished i say the same. never ever again lvling enchanting.

  21. Chrizesu

    My trick is to do this while DEing trash from the two blacksmiths I’ve been leveling. Yes, I really do hate my life.

  22. Angelic_Mew

    Never did find enchanting as “interesting” as you put it here… lvl’ing 8 (including the enchanter) chars I just send all the greens/greed rolls/DE rolls to my enchanter… Ended up with a surplus I gave to my friend lvl’ing his enchanting… 😐 Then again… I used 8 chars worth of mats…

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