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12. Realize this is impossible because Chris inputs the hovertext, and thus, has the last word. Suck it. -Regards, Chris

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  1. Falk

    Herhe, Always 1 up Chris. Well played.

  2. hmfbacct

    #8 and #9 completely rock.

  3. Gauda

    Yes ! thats my brother orc warrior HAIL
    agree with 5! and sing me up to kill some paladins and gnomes

  4. Dovius

    Handwriting is a bit hard to read at some points, but still, admirable resolutions.
    Although I take offense to #9, focus on Rogues instead.

  5. insertclevername

    hovertext ftw

  6. Shannon

    Awesome list, except for the blatant Horde promos…(suck it!) :-)

  7. JesRaven

    If I wasn’t totally certain that even a level 4 paladin could TOTALLY take on a kitten and win, I might be offended.

  8. Cabbit

    As fun as it would be to see you training a Pally Killin Kitty, do you really want to give the Alliance and Horde a reason to stop fighting and join forces to kill the little bugger?

  9. Elderin

    You all know that any attempt to kill Paladins, especially Alliance Paladins, is futile and would ultimately end in your demise.

  10. Jenny

    You already have a kitten that can kill paladins. Don’t try to replace your Poof. It cannot be done.

  11. Uriah

    The Daily Blink Epic Warcraft Battles, Kitten v.s Paladin, begin!

  12. Michael

    @Cabbit i maintain faith that the Horde would allow their paladins to die.

  13. Rozalyn

    Ha, I thought it’s only me having trouble to read the handwriting because I’m not used to the language. So far: +1 for Chris’ readability.

    I’d love to see that kitten. I imagine some kind of cape. Maybe a crown if it’s a girl. You know, because the only way to really REALLY defeat a paladin is to be “pinker” than him or her. Hello Kitty vs. a Paladin would be brutal.

    Nevertheless, as always, great strip/list. Go on guys!

  14. Erik

    The Horde would only let the belf paladins die… because, well, they’re belfs…

  15. Alayea

    For those who are anti-messy-writing, here is the translation for you guys and gals. Suck it. 😛

    Mike’s 2012 (far superior) New Year’s Resolutions

    1. Continue petition to legalize Gnomicide and end human rights. (If humans wanted rights, they should have rolled Horde.)

    2. Spend at least 1 hour a week in the tavern in Orgrimmar whispering encouragement to new 85’s eyeing Gamon.

    3. Spend more time outside in sunny California. (Related sub-resolution: buy more sunscreen Ice-Cream.)

    4. Continue to spam every email address in the domain “@BLIZZARD.COM” with new Orc dance audition tapes until my demands are met.

    5. Start every morning with an affirmation that playing a Blood Elf makes Chris a bad person.

    6. Finally reach longtime goal of spelling my own name in the corpses of dead Alliance toons.

    7. Kite Alliance faction leaders into one another’s cities to test the strength of their relationship.

    8. Adopt a kitten.

    9. Teach that kitten to kill paladins.

    10. Cross-breed Frostwolf Howler and Turbocharged Flying Machinee for BEST. MOUNT. EVER.

    11. Always one-up Chris.

  16. Chris Hanel
    Chris Hanel

    This reminds me of the need for a transcript feature on the site, thanks.

  17. Cay

    If number 7 can be done i want pictures or a video of the epicness

  18. Forestlord

    #12 in hover text

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