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After letting the success of The Daily Blink go to his head and spending his royalties on hookers and blow, Noob the Bunny came back looking for a second chance, and he's too good of a friend to tell him no. Look for him this upcoming spring, he's inked a deal to guest-star in this year's Noble Garden event as 'Bunny Number 28'.

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  1. JJSon


  2. Dauphim

    Pure absolute win!

  3. Sekani

    So basically the censored panel is just the bar fight scene from Deathstalker?

  4. Chambertin

    I really hope your warlock perdiction magic carries over to your Achievements.
    Good luck in rehab bunny #28. Next time learn from Charlie, stick to the hookers.

  5. Trinitas

    “You sick bastard” Hahahahahahaha.

  6. AkiyaWarrior

    That bunny should’ve been a Wolpertinger.

    /jus’ sayin’

  7. Erik

    I want that achievement/presumed title that “Mike” speaks of…

  8. Falos

    There is no ding only boosh, past present and future

  9. Aliok

    Pffft. Sacrificing gnomes is easy, every Horde member can do that. Drinking their blood? That just proves you have the intestinal fortitude– you know what, I think I’m going to stop the joke there. /cough

  10. Uriah

    Titles ftw

  11. Shadowkitten

    LOL…I want the achievement and title now.

  12. Music-chan

    Man, that make-your-own-achievement site gets a lot of use!

  13. zimnic

    Haha! A refernece to Asterix & obelix: Mission Cleopatra! Sweet! 😀

  14. Siah

    i love the “there will be blood”part with that orc style of standing, i always love orc warriors when they charge in the line of enemy without thinking about consequences, for honor !!!

  15. Matojo (@furiey)

    Heeheehee. Freaking server gnomes! So, what’s the title? >D

  16. Crestllinger

    Panel 2: is that one of those vent footpads or a type of mouse that gnome is holding?

    The ‘censorship’ here is similar to that present in the starship troopers propaganda clips; the block is there, but you Know what’s going on behind it.

    Lol at the ‘spleen’

  17. Gaudaloht

    And that my frienda is the real way of the warrior orc

  18. Aaron

    Hehehehehe… :-)

    I’m wondering what the title is, too.

  19. amber

    OW my ribs hurt from laughing so much

  20. Hurtnalbertn

    If that title existed, I’d reconsider trying PvP.

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