Today’s strip stems not from a need to attack or claim that the floodgates are going to open up on players switching from one game to another en masse, but from a real trend that we’ve seen amongst friends and acquaintances – both those only peripherally interested and those who were very progressive about making the switch from WoW to SWTOR – who are at least having to have the conversation with themselves about not re-upping their SWTOR subscription in favor of sticking solely with World of Warcraft. When faced with the prospect of paying for 2 monthly games instead of one, this decision certainly isn’t as easy, and the prospect of seeing Patch 1.1’s supposed rescuing of a few aspects of the game doesn’t make Month 2 an auto-purchase for many. I know Mike and I will be continuing to play both, though for different reasons – I’m enjoying a lot of the storylines, and Mike likes to electrocute players by the baker’s dozen.

I mentioned on FB and Twitter, but neglected to link here a podcast that I was on recently, as I joined Flux on his Power Word: Gold show to talk about the frustrations that I’d experienced with leveling enchanting recently and how it related with my overall experience since Day 1 in WoW with earning gold and holding onto it. It’s a pretty robust show, coming in at over 90 minutes, but it’s a good conversation that isn’t afraid to wonk on some of the more nerdy aspects of the WoW economy, and I suggest you check it out.

As for future appearances online, I’ll be joining the Convert to Raid podcast this Sunday morning to discuss a wide variety of topics, including how I miss raiding and my LFR experiences up to this point. I’m making an effort to give a shout out ahead of time because we should be broadcasting live – if you feel up for braving an 8AM PST start time, please be sure to tune in and place bets with friends about whether I’m actually conscious or not.