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I'm going to start bolting out of bed in the middle of the night screaming about Eternal Quintessence.

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  1. allum

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! (screen fades to black)

  2. MrGhee

    Oh god.. OH GOD!!

  3. hmfbacct

    Let’s hope

  4. Nah

    This is a terrifying prospect…

  5. Kardone

    Oh please no… just… just no.

  6. Mikeztarp

    Wait until they announce the new Gates of Panda’Qiraj questline… 😛

  7. Pywo

    Hopefully they add a new zone with nothing else in it just to require you to ride across it to talk to him while your raid waits.

  8. Aliok


  9. Leviting

    What are these guys anyway? i just see them on my reputation tracker thingy

  10. Aurora Nova
    Aurora Nova

    my guild just started Firelands (yeah, shaddup!)
    For shits and giggles, I brought along my Eternal Quintessence. xD
    Though, honestly, it is useless even for dousing runes in MC these days, I wish they’d make it something more fun. And a rename wouldn’t hurt, either, amirite? I mean, really, it is Eternal /Aqual/ Quintessence, as opposed to that trinket [Fiery Quintessence], yes?

  11. Aurora Nova
    Aurora Nova

    Oh… and another thing! I was much saddened to heard Blizzard decide to cancel the Abyssal Maw raid dungeon. I was looking forward to palling up with the Duke to rescue Neptulon from the Evil Clutches of that Bish Azshara and her Octo-Kraken lord-snatcher
    *shakes fist angrily*

  12. Katlamos



  13. Uriah

    Rep Rep Rep Rep!

  14. Crestllinger

    Have it all at once so you kill players in a reputation system zone with a pet out on a timer while walking backwards into a world boss.

  15. Falos

    Whatever it is, if I can do it solo it doesn’t scare me.

  16. Wari

    Oh, so the reputation system and daily quests has been forgotten lately? Thank god the month I spent grinding the shitty Molten Front dailies was just a bad dream then.:P
    (Oh wait. I misread the post. It was literally “haven’t gotten much love” and THAT certaintly is true for the entirety of that patch/zone. And every other rep grind in the history of WoW.)

  17. Doomfall

    Well you’re too late blizz, two more MC runs and i’m exalted.
    So screw you for being 2 expansions late T_T

    Damnit, hope they at least give em some awesome item/pet/mount so it can make the grind worthwhile…

  18. Alayea

    For the uninitiated, I suggest reading this article and then go over the comic again.

    Feeling the horror yet? 😡

  19. Alayea

    Since there is no preview nor edit button, let me clarify that the emoticon was supposed to be one of dismay at the thought, not an angry emoticon.

  20. Mikeztarp

    Funny coincidence: I got exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal a few hours after reading this strip. 😛

  21. Cabbit

    It would be nice if one of the features they kept for grinding rep was just turning in things like cloth or ears. But since gaining rep with tabards is popular, they’ll probably continue that fine tradition and make you run dungeons to the point you can do them blindfolded to gain rep.

  22. mensa


  23. Someone Who Hates Rep Grinding

    Oh no, do you actually know how insane that rep system sounds to a person with 10 alts!? Do you? At this point I’d rather drop dead (figuritively speaking ofc, I sure as hell don’t wanna drop dead. I’m still young and have an unrealized dream, you see, I want to live through the world war iii).

  24. Music-chan

    I didn’t find the Hydraxion Waterlords that hard to complete. I have exalted with them on no less than three different characters.

    Now, the bronze dragonflight for the AQ stuff….THAT was a horrible reputation to grind.

  25. Alayea

    @Cabbit: Now that you mention it, I do miss the cloth quatermasters. It gave me a different way to gain reputation and, considering the thousands(!) of cloth I had, was profitable to sell.

    @Music-chan: Hydraxian Waterlords is not so much about the difficulty itself, but rather the very grindy nature of it. Myself, I didn’t have a problem with Brood of Nozdormu because my guild had some columns filled with the stuff from AQ40 and some guildies were interested in farming for that rep besides myself. So yeah, a self-sustaining reserve is win.

  26. Emma

    Still preferable to Ogri’la

  27. zimnic


  28. Leilanirane

    I’m still not done with the waterlords!!!!!

  29. chambertin

    They love me in that tunnel…. OH GOD NOT AGAIN

    The guildies who had to grind rep in vanilla to get crafting patterns and such, I think most of them have wound up with a life that rivals child actors. We still see our Timbermaw rep enchanter on the most wanted board at the post office.
    Poor guy just killed the bear in the local zoo thinking he could get +100 rep for one kill…
    it wasnt a rare spawn Bill… It wasnt a rare spawn!!!

  30. RetPallyJil

    (Sighs dismally and heads for Azshara)

  31. Fid

    As silly as some of the new stuff sounds (Pandaria will probably be fun, but it’s so difficult to take seriously), I look forward to the Pet Battles (Lil KT is gonna kick some squirrel ass).

    World PVP and Field Bosses are what I’m most psyched about, though. Can’t wait to get a computer that actually works…

    I saw my first field boss around level 34 (I think). I was a Nelf on Rivendare with a tarantula I named Shenanigans.

    It was an Emerald Dragon…I think Emeriss? Anyway, I was psyched about it, and hurried to level so I could kill it…but by the time I got to 60/70 he was gone. I miss world bosses…

  32. Seriphe

    Hm. Might give me another way of finishing that rep, other than the 500 MC clears I currently need.

  33. Alex_Devas

    YES! I left off at halfway to exalted I need to finish it off!

  34. Hippo

    I think rep should be redesigned so that during the first raid tier of expac you get Friendly / Honored, then when 2nd raid tier comes out you go upto Revered (for higher ilvl stuff) and when third comes out they open up Exaulted (again with new, top ilvl stuff!).

    How else can you keep Rep a good thing past the first raid tier?

  35. Baneheart

    Not them, not them!

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