Hey, Chris here. Tomorrow is a big day for The Daily Blink, though for reasons that people would never guess.

A little history for those unfamiliar: I first created The Daily Blink in 2006 as a joke for the WoW blog that I was contributing to at the time, Metroblogging Azeroth. It became a full webcomic in January of 2010 and co-wrote the strip with my friend CP for the first half of that year, before taking a long hiatus. During that time, Michael and I became acquainted for the first time. We were both members of a mailing list for a gaming organization we volunteered for, and I sent him a message after reading a particularly acidic and funny email he’d sent in. A friendship was formed, and when the Daily Blink relaunched, he started becoming a soundboard for ideas bofore eventually becoming a fully fledged partner-in-crime.

The truth of the matter is that, Michael and I have never met each other in person. We’ve worked over emails, IM, and hundreds of hours of Skype calls, but never in the same room, or even the same state. I started in Iowa and moved to California last February, and Mike’s service in the Navy took him from New York City to his initial training in Chicago.

However, fate has a funny way of handling these things. Blizzcon 2011, which was supposed to be our first meeting, became a one-man show when Mike’s leave request got caught up in complications and prevented him from attending. However, as I write this, Mike gets on an airplane to his next assignment, an hour South of my home in San Diego, and I will be there tomorrow to finally introduce myself and laugh about the weird trip that it’s been for both of us.

Our hope is that our new close proximity will mean working together more, and give our readers more than just three strips a week. What that “more” is made up of is still up in the air, but there will be much plotting in the weeks ahead. No matter the direction we head in, I know that the future is an exciting thing.

Here’s to an awesome 2012!