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The result of this strip: A long, multi-hour conversation involving heated debate over the persona of every major character in the PC Gaming Star Wars universe, including whether it would be considered canonical to involve Shigeru Miyamoto as Yoda since he's a console developer. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS PEOPLE

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  1. KMJX

    Okay, we’ve seen better ones…
    but gold wouldn’t be so shiny, if it couldn’t be compared to less shiny things, right?
    [insert obligatory internetian first post victory dance here]

  2. Christopher

    I am in tears.

  3. Alayea


  4. Schroom

    Amazing I jsut watched “A new hope” yesterday, and now I check in here and see THIS. I applaud!

  5. JesRaven

    PM as Vader?

    I must disagree with this on principle. All must hail the mighty and all-powerful Peter Molyneux!

    …wait… point taken. Carry on.

  6. Mikeztarp

    Miyamoto totally has the right face too (well, except the ears of course). xD

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