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The Gaming Doomsday clock was actually in the process of being set to midnight itself during Sony's E3 presentation in 2006, but everyone involved was simply too dumbfounded to move the minute hand, and the world was spared a dark fate.

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  1. Yimmeryams
  2. Yimmeryams

    Sony’s Embarrassing E3 2006 Press Conference
    on YouTube.

    I didn’t watch the whole thing. Only the first 2 minutes or so.

  3. snowllilyi

    Only Fire is gettin sore gnads.. Arcane will still bring pain to the game for everyone else 😀

  4. Tokryva

    Chris sensed a disturbance in the Force, and a million voices all cried at once and were suddenly silenced after reading about this nerf. Triple Star Wars reference.

  5. Gatling

    …I’d play a Larry MMO. *leers*

  6. haggi

    gatling: you’re not allowed to be a larry. only one of the girls. the larries are the dungeon/raid bosses.

  7. JesRaven

    Fear not, Chris! As long as trade trolls can spell ‘anal’ and shift-click on any particular item they may be carrying, achievement they may or may not have earned, or ability they posess, you can rest assured that the world isn’t ending anytime soon.

  8. Mikeztarp

    Riiiidge Racer! 😛

  9. Aliok

    I’m torn between laughter and tears.

  10. Alayea

    My reaction to this was… sorry, I don’t remember what it was. @_@

  11. chambertin

    I want the Leisure Suit Larry MMO.
    TO hell with the world!

  12. Siah

    Finally , the good old daily blink, i was tired of reading your horrible hand-writings, WB :)

  13. Silence

    “maintained since Atari’s release of ET”
    …I’m still laughing. Thank you sir. :)

  14. Archivist

    They were actually working on a Leisure Suit Larry MMO back in the ’90s, but they scrapped it. That’s probably why Y2K didn’t happen.

  15. tuke

    Ohhh I see a watchmen refrence

  16. Pyko

    I’d so play Leisure Suit Larry the MMO

  17. Chrizesu

    If it balances back to arcane I’ll be sad. I finally got my mage in the spec he was supposed to have.

  18. D Luniz
    D Luniz

    Heh, Diablo 3 on consoles has happened
    start digging that bunker and bulk buying MREs

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