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We also liked the part where we saw (REDACTED) and when (REDACTED) (REDACTED) for us the (NO WAY IN HELL YOU CAN READ THIS).

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  1. Kazz

    World of Starcraft…. the SWTOR killer!
    Shut up and take my money!

  2. Snowbluff

    What are you talking about, Chris, no one reads the strip, not even me!

  3. JesRaven

    Sunny California indeed.

  4. Alayea

    Panel 6 is so true, unfortunately. :(

  5. Aliok

    Ahahahahaha-OW. Is there a healer in the group? My gut is busted. Anyway, I am so glad that the both of you went on a tour. I hope you have more stories to share. 😀

  6. Uriah

    But how did they escape? bum bum

  7. Crestllinger

    Hearthstones: never leave home before setting and storing.

  8. tb

    Panel 6 seems spot on. I’m not sure how/why Blizzard would… whatever them.

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