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  1. Rob

    No one said Illidan? I thought it was obvious Metzen was referring to Illidan, given his comments at BlizzCon.

  2. Shiennar

    The only person and raidboss who could pull off;
    “[insert scheme here] was merely a setback.”

  3. Peddel

    Yeah, sAviOr needs a way better storyline!
    Oh, and Flash is Imba

  4. PG

    There were 150 replies, so yeah, not so surprising alot of the better names aren’t shown at all times.
    I think I heard alot of Medivh talk?

  5. Astalnar

    How about Kael’thas? He has experience at coming back.

  6. Snack

    Listen, guys, elemental Arthases (Arthii, heretofore) just make sense, I mean, everybody LOVED killing Arthas, why wouldn’t you want to cialis brand 20mg kill him five or six more times? I didn’t even have teh character limits to talk about Shadow Arthas or Light Arthas, or even Dragon Arthas, he could ride Deathwing like a mount into battle

  7. Desol

    Good news everyone! The Professor is back!

  8. Rozalyn

    Lol, Desol! That would be good news indeed! <3 Prof!
    Fire, Earth, Wind, Ice and Love Arthas. Captain Plarthas ftw!


    What’s a Swifty?

  10. Heather (Katana Angel)
    Heather (Katana Angel)

    GORRAM IT CHRIS! Thanks for putting me first. JERK. *cries and runs away*

  11. JesRaven

    It’s sad that CM actually posed this question…

  12. JesRaven

    Why not be a little more honest with your fan base?

    “Guys, after Panderia we’re stumped, so we’re letting you, the players, decide what you want to play in “As Yet Unnamed Expansion 5″! Give us ideas!”

  13. Tradias

    Cairne Bloordhoof… just sayin

  14. SD

    I think the dead mines deserves one more revision

  15. EnchanterAnonymous


    It was my interpretation that was the reason “Rob Pardo” says Chris owes him $20.

  16. Aliok


  17. Tatlreach

    Sylvanas Windrunner?!
    Arthas’ Dad

  18. Crestllinger

    EVERYONE! AT ONCE! IN THE SAME FIGHT! (Like Trial of the Crusader, 3rd fight but with LORE).

  19. Blair

    Lord Marrowgar! He wants to STICK AROUND!

  20. Damien

    I hope Illidan comes back, maybe in an expansion revolving around Argus? hopefully :D

  21. Maddy

    @Rob I said Illisan… ;p

  22. Thannak

    It’s obviously not Metzen, there’s no viking helmet in that picture.

    But seriously, they should bring back the 3 Lost Vikings from Ulduman.

  23. Angelic_Mew

    Illidan… hopefully… Maiev returning… Demon Hunter hero class… redone Outland… Sargeras giving Illidan one more chance… Queen Azshara helping Illidan in place of Lady Vashj to bring Sargeras to their realm… The return of buy viagra cheap prices fast delivery “it was merely a setback” and changed to “Magisters Terras, was just a flesh wound”… Thrall returning to Outland to cialis 20mg brand try and restore it?…

    Who the heck cares about that junk! Just give me a new BT Raid! WHOOP WHOOP!

  24. Suomynona

    First thing that came to mind when I read Rob Pardo’s tweet was Charlie Teh Unicron’s first episode, 0:43.

  25. Ruscour

    obviously sAviOr gains redemption somehow and becomes untouchable again

    caverns of time takes you back to the finals against bisu and buy generic viagra cheapest you have to fight through CJ security to get him to tell him about corsair/DT play before the buy cialis in canada match starts

  26. Jaq

    Well done sirs. Well done indeed.

  27. Alayea





  28. RJ

    Illidan needs to come back.
    We can say that when he died the skull of Guldan separated from him and he was left barely alive.
    He can become like a Super Mage and his line could be “Buff Mages or else.”

  29. Lain


  30. Elderin

    Bring back Barry Allen!!!!!

    Wait. Wrong story.

    Never mind.

  31. JesRaven

    People like Illidan. People like Arthas. People like new stories and characters. People like hybrid cars.

    Based on this logic, behold, your NEW HYBRID VILLAIN!


  32. Stewie

    Holy shit, yes. MANKRIK’S WIFE! I want to see the continuation of that storyline! A simple peasant orc, consumed by hatred for those who murdered his wife, only to get cialis without prescriptions find she has been raised from the dead. Perhaps she returned corrupted? A tortured man, consumed with angst and burning with rage, given hope learning that his wife has returned, only to learn she is not what she once was. Then, learning the truth he realizes there is no choice but to destroy his beloved. This has the potential to be the most heartrending story ever.

  33. Phaedros

    Well, I think the most obvious answer is moar poop quests. Heck, I want a poop raid. Give me a raid where we need to swim through poop, to fight poop, then sort through poop to find the canadian cialis fast delivery loot. The armor, weapons and trinks would be made from dried poop.

  34. Amalisa

    Phill is my IRL best friend >.> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. aceman67

    I don’t even remember submitting an entry to this contest, and I won?

    How the hell?

  36. RetPallyJil


  37. Lichslap

    Teron Gorefiend, the only guy too evil to stay dead.

  38. Onyxia fan
    Onyxia fan

    Well isn’t it obvious? We need to bring Onyxia back again.

  39. Gobila

    @ChrisMetzen THE ELEVATOR BOSS IN SHATTRATH !!!!1111elevenoneone!!

  40. Noctechie

    OMG….Ironforge Lag….HilLarious…I laughed for nearly five minutes….people in my office asked what the hell was wrong with me?….word to discount viagra the wise done read this comic at work

  41. hiy

    is this real?

  42. MutilateZ

    Phill’s comment made my day :D

  43. Bombastictwo

    No one want Grom Hellscream? I want that powa orc back

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