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My hobbies include convincing fans of The Daily Blink that I went through the painstaking task of leveling ten orc warlocks to the point of each getting Whitemane's Chapeau to drop. AND WE DO IT OUT OF LOVE, PEOPLE

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  1. Random Mage
    Random Mage

    Yet again, warlocks wishing to be mages <3

  2. Cabbit

    Darn it, now I have the NPC song stuck in my head.

  3. haggi

    the only multiboxers i’ve ever liked were the viagra 150 mg dose rare ones in tol barad who were pulling one-man zergs.

    never seen a boxer tank/heal combo that ever lived up to their own hype. seen two and three-box dps that weren’t total crap, but overall rather low performance or, cialis medication online if high performance, low survivability rate.

  4. Shannon

    This would be me. Except I think multi boxing has too many moving parts.

  5. insertclevername


    the only on ive seen actually work is the 5 man pally box run by

    2 or 3 b’s

    1 prot pally, 3 ret, pally’s and a holy pally

  6. siodar

    i so know somebody that is like this

  7. Hydrall

    This is getting frighteningly meta.

  8. Alayea

    @Hydrall: I think it broke the fourth wall a long time ago. xD

  9. Lyrisath

    One orc with Whitemane’s Chapeau plus some Potions of Illusion? Or altogether less… official means. Like Photoshop. Yes. Photoshop.

  10. Zophor

    Anyone else think that “UNLEASH HELL!!” would’ve been a more appropriate cry for 10 warlocks focusing down one poor mob?

  11. JesRaven

    Three out of the four voices in my head like this strip.

    The fourth one’s asleep, and he wakes up cranky, so we decided not to bug him for this.

  12. zimnic

    Ha! The title is soft viagra even better than the alt text :D

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