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As we looked through the list of yet to be available things you can get with your Balance, we had an amusing thought: Naming a new financial service after the thing that angry WoW fans complain about most- Incredibly silly, or incredibly genius?

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  1. Crestllinger

    Bugger the robot. Gimme a Larry pet that has random thoughts like this in trade chat.

  2. Alayea

    It’s Don Giovanni as a goblin! :O

  3. Aliok

    @Crestllinger: à la Kaja-Cola? Because that would indeed be awesome.

  4. Aliok

    Also – alt text FTW. That is all.

  5. Thannak

    Just wait until they update all the models.

  6. Mikeztarp

    Still laughing at the hovertext as I type this. xD

  7. Crystallius

    Damn those goblins have such nice facial expressions… Can’t wait for our models to be updated.

  8. hiy

    look at the rich goblin’s nose at the last panel

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