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There was talk of Rob Pardo spamming the 'purchase' button  in his office in odd hours, but it turns out that he wasn't trying to inflate the subscriber numbers... he was just getting wrapped up in offers.

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  1. Amirila

    Most. Awesome. Comic/strip. EVER!

  2. Mikeztarp

    You guys are on a roll! xD

    On a more serious note, the amount of money Double Fine was able to raise in two days is mind-boggling.

  3. Tek

    Much better than the last few strips that’s for sure.

  4. Elderin

    What about the subscribers that don’t have the heart to quit their guild?

  5. haggi

    and what about the ‘people who bought skyrim’ demographic?

    /got sucked in.
    //amazing game.
    ///my guild thought i was dead or in jail.
    ////gonna finish the main questline this weekend so i can do the civil war.

  6. Music-chan

    @ Elderin But that’s not a plus or a minus in terms of whether you are actually subscribing =p

  7. Uriah

    Good ones :)

  8. Alayea

    Think my favorite line is “Lor’themar/Slyvanas shippers”, if only because it makes me want to /wrist the most. 😛

  9. Crestllinger

    Q1 2012 Players given the ability to design their own instances and mod them ingame +2M

    Hmm ‘don’t make me expense the shipment of honey…’ expense –> explain?
    7th category- ‘…get their head together…’ Unsure if ‘heads’ or a hydra as it is a guild being referenced here.

    *Gets a MoP in readiness for the incoming press ‘release’ button.

  10. Iron

    Funny thing.

    Most RPers seem to hate Aggra and the crappy story telling she brought along. Hell, she’s not even that Orcie.

  11. Sumadin

    The guys at Blizzard serriosly sucks at math if they can get that to be a not loss of only 100000 subs. Should be about 200000(193270 to be exact).

  12. Snowbluff

    Iron is right, Aggra sucks.

  13. Tatlreach

    This seems like a such a missed chance to comment on people sub/unsubbing about the legendarys….

  14. Alayea

    @Snowbluff: Amen to that!

  15. degre

    I really didn’t got the credit card bit with the Ballmer reference, anyone fancy explaining to a dense chap? 😛

  16. chris

    ballmer is crazy and impulsive, makes sense his kid is too

  17. KainXavier

    The Ilum comment isn’t even a damn joke. The planet needs a complete re-do, and until such time, valor (SW Honor) should be removed because the number of kill traders is insane. Don’t get me started on the warzones.

  18. RetPallyJil

    “Retadins?” Please. “Rets” is the preferred nomenclature.

  19. Jason

    No comments on Sam Raimi. I lol’d. Suckz he backed out of the WoW movie to remake Wizard of Oz.

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