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'You're three away from the meta-achievement, and there's only a handful of people with the title. Isn't that cool?' '...Mike, that's not a high score board, it's an offender registry.' 'Please, let's not get into semantics.'

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  1. zimnic

    this* in Mikes first line.

    Apart from that, excellent! The name of the achievement killed me 😀

  2. Gazimoff

    He could be saying “Try His” as in “Try His leg” as a kind of slip or something…

    Surely the bigger typo is Chris claiming to do arena… :)

  3. Astalnar

    I don’t see the problem. Gnomehunting is another honorable sports discipline held in high regard among members of the Horde. Dwarves tend to be very hard to chew while Gnomes offer sports and fun in same length.

  4. Alayea

    I wonder if Mike is nonchalant about that offender registry because he’s at the top of said list… :S

  5. Uriah

    BBQ Dwarf anyone?

  6. Crestllinger

    Flavour: beermeat.
    Title hovertext is talking about: Combat Connoisseur

  7. SD

    Makes me wonder what some of the other dishes will be…will the draeni be some sort of cold soup? Or perhaps a version of kalimari? Maybe both?

  8. Erik

    Draenei already sound like the Russian Mob, so theirs would have to taste like a vodka-spiked borscht… Just Sayin…

  9. Cabbit

    Wonder how he sweet talked the cannibalistic undead woman on Darkmoon Island to give up her recipe.

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