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If you don't get it, reach out to the sports fan nearest you. Let the healing between our two divided subcultures begin *today*!

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  1. TheBaron87

    Damn, that was some quick turnaround. Impressive :)

    Oh, and the comic is funny too lol

  2. Zepharon

    Shit.. Thats so true. I was just talking to my friends about the lack of difference from WSG and Superbowl xD

  3. Garabaldi

    Epic win. The Brady whine is pure goodness.

  4. Arrowsmith

    Here’s what I saw during the Superbowl:


    It just sucks that they put that stupid game between each set. /sarcasm

  5. Night

    top 10 funniest blink of all time.

  6. Mikeztarp

    @Aerosmith (learn to spell by the way): don’t forget the movie trailers!

    PS: obviously I was joking about your nickname, please don’t release the bubonic plague 😉

  7. Crestllinger

    Rebuttal Patriots at the 4th: *drop flag *drop flag *drop flag *drop flag. WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE ONLY HAVE 50 SECONDS LEFT!

  8. Elderin

    I understood the joke. 😛

  9. JesRaven

    In a world where the word ‘Madden’ looks naked without a number behind it, why are our cultures divided? *sob*

  10. Prowler

    the sad part is, I think I actually yelled at the TV “Don’t cap yet !!!”………….

  11. methian

    WIN. I laughed so hard at this

  12. Swenka

    Awesome! Definitely a favorite Blink. xD

  13. Knate

    At no one during the halftime show wore Shadowcraft armor this year…

  14. Sinkuu

    oh god… SO funny!

  15. Uriah

    Great connection to the game!

  16. Shannon


  17. Alayea

    @Zepharon: I believe you meant EotS. 😉

    Anyway, love today’s comic even though I don’t really follow sports. :)

  18. SaintStryfe

    As a life-long Giants fan… thank you for making a mockery of one of the most hair-pulling minutes of my recent life. :-)

    But then again, the D stood up, so, HOW BOUT THEM GNATS!?! ALL IN!

  19. Zepharon

    @Alayea: Yea i did, wrote the comment this morning, so early that i could barely spell my own name, let alone find my socks..

  20. JJSon

    this 1 is going to be a CLASSIC boys GJ

  21. Tekrahkshi

    Yay superbowl… As if! Like I care about baseball…

  22. Aliok

    I understand EotS strategy, but I’m lost at how it relates to football. I do find the “i’m gonna cap weeeeeeee!” funny, though.

  23. Drogra

    Fact 1: I didn’t know this was a superbowl comic till I read the comments.
    Fact 2: I didn’t know the superbowl had happened.
    Fact 3: EotS was a blast with a premade.

  24. danosky

    You win at the internet. The BG talk was so much like what happens in wow BG’s, and fit what happened at the end perfectly. +10k

  25. Wani

    As a New Zealander who knows very very little about American Football, I have no idea what this comic is about. :( Someone please explain?

  26. SaintStryfe

    Wani: Don’t worry, this was actually a really confusing play as American Football goes. The game is the sport’s final championship game, the Super Bowl. Biggest game of the year, practically a National Holiday here in the US in all but name.

    The team in white, the New York Giants, trailed 15 to 17. They had possession of the ball very late in the game, and were behind. They wanted to get it into the endzone (The blue area) to score 6 points, called a touchdown. It would put them in the lead and let them win the game.

    Now, there’s a strategy involved – they want to score those points (they only needed two to tie, three to win) with as little time left as possible, because after they score, the New England Patriots (the team in blue) gets the ball back and can attempt to score and win the game. Less time is less chance for them to do it.

    If the play had worked as planned, he would have run to the less then 1 yard line, and stopped. This would have let them run the clock down some, then done a play called a Field Goal, allowing their kicker to kick the ball and score 3 points, winning the game with no time for New England to respond.

    The play started and as a strategy, the New England coach decided to not defend – just let him run in. This would get them the ball with as much time as possible. The player, Ahmed Bradshaw (marked with the flag in the comic) didn’t realize there would be absolutely no one trying to stop him, and by the time he realized it, he tried his best to slow his momentium, but he’s so big and so powerful that he bowled right into the Endzone, even after curling up, turning around, going in bottom first and scoring one of the most improbable touchdowns I’ve seen in 20 years of watching the sport.

    New England got the ball back with about a minute left, but failed to respond, after thier quarterback (the main throwing player) Tom Brady was sacked (brought down to the ground while holding the ball) and missing a Hail Mary Pass (a last, desperate long-distance throw that almost never works).

    The New York Giants won 21-17, winning thier second Super Bowl in 5 years, beating the highly-favored Patriots both times. New York’s quarterback, Eli Manning (part of a dynasty of fantastic football players) won his second Most Valuable Player award.

    To give it a little more WoW context, after he scored, the little bell dingged, “The Giants have 1550 resources of 1600 and are about to win!” – the Patriots couldn’t run the flag back fast enough.

    I hope that explains the comic a little better.

  27. Anarki

    Thanks for making it extremely clear for these of us who dont know jack about superbowl. SaintStryfe

  28. Gaudaloht

    So saint if the flag guy’s team won why he was blamed

  29. SaintStryfe

    Gaudaloht: Bradshaw wasn’t blamed (though if the Giants lost, I’m sure he would have been) but he didn’t read the play right. He went in too hard, if he had held back, he probably could have done it as intended. But he didn’t.

    Normally the Patriots would have a lot of people trying to stop him so he went in full bore. The New England coach chose to not defend hoping the exact thing that happened would, giving his star quarterback a lot of time (over a full minute) to respond. It was one of the gustiest calls in recent football memory – and it almost worked.

    Actually Bill Belichek, the New England Coach, he was probably most singularly responsible for the loss. Before this odd play, he made a very bad call on a Coach’s Challenge (a way to have officials review a play on TV monitors) that cost them a time-out that might have prevented the Giants from getting down the field, plus this gutsy but odd call.

    In the end, the Giants’ defense held firm and won the day. It’s more that the play looks so weird – falling into the end zone bottom first, that gets the notice.

    In the comic, notice the text at the bottom. TomBrady (the New England QB) ended up not being able to cap (score), and said this sucks. The comic is only half there without that text.

  30. Trayfel

    that was a pretty dam good hail mary pass tho Saint, if Gronkowski would have been 1 step closer, the pats would have had it. i was freaking out when it happened, i thought he caught it and my giants lost. O.o

  31. Wani

    Ahh, I see. Yeah, I know the very very basic rules (It’s not too different from rugby, which I do understand) but I was always confused about why him scoring was a bad thing.

  32. Anafielle

    Thanks a ton SaintStryfe for the clear explanation, I thought the comic was amusing, but it is a ton more amusing with the knowledge from a real football fan of what happened in RL as well :)

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