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The worst outcome out of all of this: All those know-it-all hardcore players on the forums? They now have direct evidence they're smarter than you. Forget IQ, all that matters anymore is /played.

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  1. Crestllinger

    Take this and imagine all those #$^@#*$@ed tanks heals and dps Before they started playing. And as to those that left: Greece players.

  2. Medros

    I think most people would show higher intelligence if they sat around playing complex games all day….I also think that the rest of the world can’t afford to spend 10 hours a day on a video game. So yay, we’ve learned that complex problem solving increases intelligence….didn’t we know that already? Want some real data? Ask common WoW players how they plan to increase their credit rating over the next 5 years, and watch the blank stares ensue.

  3. Nightwolf

    TOTALLY EPIC! Awsomeness job.

  4. Alayea

    Elitist jerks — It’s no longer just gamer slang.

  5. Ebonhoof


  6. Elderin

    PLAYING WoW may make you smarter, but trolling trade chat will definitely make you dumber.

  7. Falos

    Me play warrior, is time was healer say me “Stop chewing that. Your shield is not food. How can you possibly be so hopeless?” but me am being now smarter!

    Thanking you Blizz guys from WoW playing make smart!

  8. Tirienne

    Wonder how long it will be before Bliz actually IS using this as a marketing tool I can see a couple servers rolled out specifically for it: Aricept & Namenda perhaps. . .

  9. Zoma

    I had to choose between raid nights and homework. I made the smart decision and failed geography.

  10. psycholucario

    Failed a history test once
    Asked who was the leader of the allies
    i put down the king of stormwind
    Who the heck is eisenhower lol,
    Wow does make you smarter though, teaches you how to calculate related rates and rates of change and also when to giveup farming and do some archaeology

  11. Cabbit

    It’s just a shame that they don’t include a section on WOW as part of the SATs. I could’ve been one of those lucky’s one with a score high enough to get into Harvard instead of getting a score good enough to get into Clemson.

  12. Mitch

    I know it takes time to make a comic strip and to add words to it 😛 But if you cant do a new one everyday then you should not be called The Daily Blink.

  13. PG

    I knew I should’ve spent more time in game!

  14. Metraton

    Despite all the abovestated comments of those who played WoW and became dumb enough to blame it, I could as well say that those who managed to get into a proper guild and rank up there now have at least basic knowledge of getting into organization, as any well structured WoW guild has same basis. Those who progress heroics, learn their class performance or even twitch buttons in PvP have already more constructive mind, than those who just study maths. I doubt that all calculations on EJ are made by schoolkids, and I doubt that attempting to understand these formulas will hurt said kids. Yes can endlessly bring trolls and noobs as an argument, or the /played as proof of addiction, but with same result you can find same kids\sick minded people and generally those who have obsessions. Even among most famous, top-rated, rich or smart people on the planet. So even if you are 100% sure that WoW is ruining people, there is not less evidence that WoW helps other people.

  15. Tippy

    I always knew this was true!

    As a matter of fact, ex-Starcraft players have already finished building a starship fleet complete with warpdrives.

  16. Zacdyn

    Sometimes these things really make me scratch my head..

  17. Dalael

    Pretty funny, but would have been better had the Federal Reserve been omitted as they are certainly not saving the world, they’re a big part of what’s wrong with it.

  18. Ara

    I enjoy the sincere responses to this webcomic. They make me smile. =)

  19. BFB

    It was funny until it suggested that people who work at the Federal Reserve are saving the world.

  20. Andrew

    You know what’s funny… I did a lot of guild leading, raid leading, and tanking and I just recently quit wow to pursue research with Cornell University studying the effects of climate change on food webs in arctic ecosystems…. maybe there’s something to this

    I never thought I’d say this but, thank you WoW, without you I never could have landed this research job!

  21. Wracker

    “Those who progress heroics, learn their class performance or even twitch buttons in PvP have already more constructive mind, than those who just study maths. ”

    I think you’re confusing mathematicians and computer algebra systems. And before you ask, yes, I AM a mathematician.

    Back to the topic at hand: mathematics as a subject includes much more than the mere memorization of theorems and formulae. I understand that you’re trying to say that the context-sensitive decisions of effective gamers display more intelligence and skill than the skills of rote memorization and number crunching. However, in choosing math as a subject for comparison, you made a mistake. Had you chosen arithmetic, you would have had an argument. But the subject of mathematics, in the broader sense, requires context sensitive decisions in order to make a rigorous, logical proof of complex concepts from a foundation of basic principles. Therefore, you are comparing two intellectual pursuits which are, broadly speaking, equal. Thus, your comparison fails, and baselessly insults mathematicians.

    On a personal note, it’s obvious you do not have a more constructive mind (or, as you put it, “have already more constructive mind”) than a mathematician, because you cannot even clearly express your argument that gamers have more constructive minds than mathematicians. If you’re going to attempt to condescend to a group of people, you would be wise to first ascertain if you are actually superior to them or if you are simply an ignoramus who doesn’t know anything about what he is insulting.

  22. Stormme

    Racist to the extreme …. Why carry on about Horde, or just like Blizzard are you all biased against Alliance for wanting to just have peace. Surely a step in the right direction is to steer the game into actually MAKING peace with each other instead of allowing Horde to destroy everything Alliance has?

  23. George

    Maybe if this players know how botting with own code , other case … me dog is MOST INTELLIGENT !

  24. Airos

    I do not want to undermine the accuracy of this topic but…

    If we look at the research paper produced and cited above, the sample is composed of people aged between 60 and 77. Moreover the paper states that the positive relationship between the increase in cognitive level and time played is only true if the cognitive baseline of the participant was low…

    In order words, if you are older than 60 and you are not really smart, then, you might get smarter by playing WoW… And again, this is not proven as the cognitive baseline is analyzed regarding “spatial ability, memory and how well participants could focus their attention” (M. Shipman, 2012)

  25. Xexxie Crankcase
    Xexxie Crankcase

    You know you’ve become smarter when you quit WoW >.<

  26. Hurtnalbertn

    I do not wish to know what a troll’s idea of “alternative farming methods” is.

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