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There's only one option for handling Garrosh Hellscream: KILL IT WITH FIRE.

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  1. abasikampfire

    never forget

  2. Nazuvious


  3. Nazuvious

    Lol -hot. Damm iphone

  4. Chrysaora

    This…on a tshirt…..go

  5. Schroom

    amazing. the site really exists xD

  6. Tim

    lol. that is good stuff.

  7. Drogra

    I think a ‘Krogan Airdrop’ could handle him.

  8. Crystal

    OK, I think this will poll really well with the 20 -30 demographic but I’m not sure that your going to poll well with the minorities.

  9. Elderin

    Is anyone really surprised about Garrosh’s end?

  10. Alayea

    Yay for Campfire! It’s got my vote. 😀

    @Elderin: Yes — I was thinking the Horde would be stuck with him. Although… I’m relieved that he’ll be going, but getting offed after I had to deal with his whiney rear end in Nagrand and haul Thrall out to give a pep talk? Nice to know it’s gone to waste.

    I also bet that Vol’jin will be the one to do the job because he did say he’d kill Garrosh. >_>

    @Drogra: I think you mean “Korkron”. 😉

  11. Katlamos

    [Basic Campfire] can’t hold a candle to Vol’jin.

  12. Kristopher

    I’m kind of partial to Gamon in 2012.

    Expect him to at least try to defend Hellscream.

  13. Bear Pelt

    Abesik Campfire was on the top of my list a looooong time ago.
    He would beat Garrosh in a death match. Yes he would.

    If not only for the fact Garrosh’s ego would light up faster than a kid in a toy store.

  14. Aurora Nova
    Aurora Nova

    Campaign slogans, go!

    “A particularly combustible candidate…” ~~ Daxxarri

    A fiery individual who really lights things up!

    For a brighter tomorrow….

    Bringing more than just being a tool to being warchief….

  15. TT

    Damn you! its all you mage friend fault, he got Gcrawler angry and now Warlocks are GODS in OPen Beta!

  16. Xexxie Crankcase
    Xexxie Crankcase

    I picture Gamon playing a pivitol role in the overthrow of Garrosh and/or being railroad to becoming the new warchief of the Orcs, sort of like how Claudius became Caesar of Rome following the assassination of Caligula.

  17. chambertin

    Vol’jin for Warchief 2012

    Tired of da skunk wee.. uh Warchief? Den get out there and BURN IT DOWN. Vol’jin an da Trolls be Helpin you mon.

    Opression makin da Depression? Repression be bringin da Ressession? Thinkin you canna be da one who changes things? Vol’jin cares bout da peons mon, new jobs, new pay and Better Medicine. Now dis is health care mon~

    Da axe dat dont be movin tonight, be movin for for the future. -Vol’jin

    Vote Vol’jin mon, den everythin be legal~

    Probably bad, but interesting

  18. Nerdelbaum

    Please, give me this in 1920×1200 as a wallpaper 😀

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