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*slow clap*

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  1. Medros

    1st, also, awesome.

  2. Medros

    2nd as well, Also, buff mages tanking.

  3. Pfooti

    Except for point five: they’re also not giving us green fire any time soon. It’s on the “dance studio” pile, it seems.

  4. Gaudaloht

    Quickly give them green fire

  5. haggi

    greg street IS the master, i must admit.

  6. Aenara

    Once again people were enjoying it wayyyy to much. It must not remain! Besides, Mages would sh*t collective bricks if something like this went live.

  7. dd

    RAGE! why! why ! … /quit warlock /goplay Mage .

    Let me just say, we are the 1%…(actually 6%…in 3 month warlock population will be 1%)

  8. Alayea

    @haggi: He’s been the master so long, it’s like he has always been the master! @_@

  9. Falos

    Just as clackclack.

    Seriously though, I see no need to force in more tank specs.

  10. Aliok

    6. ?

    7. Profit

  11. CaptainTool

    protection pallys FTW

  12. Cabbit

    Looks like they just pulled the greatest April Fool’s prank ever! If only it was April the 1st.

  13. Lethosos

    *slow clap, indeed*

    Glad I don’t play a Warlock–and if I did, I’d be Affliction. Something about microwaves and little green army men…

  14. Heliolord

    Considering you just put demonology tanking (if perhaps only for dungeons) out there and then mentioned the likelihood of green fire and subsequently denied us both… yeah… you might need to hurry up on giving us the flying mount we requested for ages. There’s no such thing as enough extra security.

  15. JesRaven

    I want a button I can press to block out the sound of every warlock’s complaining on all of the above…. Possibly in addon form?

  16. chambertin

    The “Ignore Everyone Else” (IEE) button comes with every Ret Paladin build, who needs an addon. I love my IEE RET

    No one can bitch
    Louder than me

    Insert phrase into picture Here:

  17. Thannak

    Warlock tanking I can do without.

    But by all rights they should be the undisputed CC class. You know, since rogues have that whole “BOOM you’re dead” thing.

  18. Mr. Tastix
    Mr. Tastix

    Called it. Totally knew warlocks weren’t going to be tanking.

    Blizzard wouldn’t dare mess with mah Demonology spec!

  19. Geoff

    Aww, it would be so awesome to have an option for hunters/warlocks to have a tanking spec. It could be like Druids, how their Feral can be either dps OR tanking, depending on how they feel.

    The game needs more tanks, anyways, so why isn’t this a good idea?

  20. Jayce Bryant
    Jayce Bryant

    So what if it’s not an official spec. That hasn’t stopped Hunters, mostly Beast Mastery Hunters, from tanking instances with their pets. Why should the unofficialness of the ability to tank keep people from doing so?

    Sucks on the lack of green fire though. Really does.

  21. CaptainTool

    extra security here is a idea get Chuck Norris to write his name on every posible enttrance to the place that will keep them out because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives…though they could not get out either

  22. Ziv

    5a. Follow up again to clarify that you’re not actually giving them green fire; they misunderstood a ‘hope”. Top it off by nerfing Meta from how it exists on live, just for good measure.

  23. Swenka

    Don’t play WoW anymore, but I always loved it when I could go Meta-tanking with Stam gems. Demo was always so fun to play, before and after they cahnged Soulfire, though personally I like weaving the spells instead of just spamming Soulfire after the change.

    Also, somewhat on-topic, I was banned from the WoW forums for a hypotetical situation in which I used Ghostcrawler as the receiving end of a brick toss =/

  24. Orissan

    The need was needed, and was expected.
    The nuke was GC in this comic.

  25. GLaDOS

    Oh good, my slow clap processor made it into the hover text.

  26. Panchorc

    “Clack Clack?”… just awesome.

  27. lphomiej

    Why couldn’t they just let Warlocks tank? It seemed so RIGHT.

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