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This would be a lot funnier if a lot of the people I ended up in pug BG's with didn't seem to be at this reading level.

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  1. SD

    Heh. Everybody poops.

    Wonder what could have been done with ‘The Gas we Pass’

    The newbs we pwn?

  2. blackdemon2000


  3. haggi

    i now that that ‘everybody cries’ song in my head, with lyrics changing to match.

    ‘everybody caps…. everybody lulz….. everybody pwns….’

  4. lilmissy4205

    Haggi, you sir might have a parody on your hands. =P

  5. sartharias

    Lol… Ders and Jillian.. Workaholics reference FTW.

  6. Alayea

    It took me a minute to figure out what the pictures were. :(

    I blame whatever it was I caught last week. :S

  7. Anjin

    I want that book! Write it, print it, mail me a copy. I will give you money!

  8. CaptainTool

    i am speechless

  9. Finalflame

    Err, isn’t his name actually Daxxarri with 2 r’s?

  10. Crestllinger

    And so we see the true face of how easy the instances, etc. are going to be. So much so they had to make ‘challenges’ for people to even WANT to do them.

  11. chambertin

    – But dont worry about any of this because “Your” class will be passed over for the “Super” buff and ability anyway.

    Unless you’re a Warlock, then you can do anything a mage can do better. Muahahaha

  12. zimnic

    At first I read “Ders” as “There is” only written in the derp-speak… 😀

    By the way, it’s quite sad how things went with damage scaling in WoW. Where are the times of PvPing without resilience? Sigh…

  13. Alt

    Are you more annoyed about how people who use PvP gear in MoP will be able to do almost equal damage as to those wearing PvE gear in instances, or the fact that people wearing PvE gear are on an equal level to those wearing PvP gear in BGs, arenas, and Rated BGs? The latter peeves me more.

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