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Happy Rainbow Fire was obviously borrowed from the Diablo 3 art team to save time.

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  1. Tharlinn

    Spot on!

  2. Melfina the Blue

    Yup, sounds about right, especially the kick me part.

  3. Raven

    I love you guys XD I really do! the druids travel form will now be a fluffy bunnny.

  4. Korrash

    Happy Rainbow Fire made me LoL

  5. Kazz

    “Paladins are unchanged at this time.” Sounds about right. I should get the TCG card for the toy sword rack for my pally, it would be a DPS increase XD

  6. Elynea

    Love it, love it, love it!

  7. Xexxie Crankcase
    Xexxie Crankcase

    Fortunately, maiming and slaughtering is a human trait from our very evolutionary origins, and the right to bear arms is constitutional (at least in the U.S.A.), therefore not in conflict with the 12+ age limit for WoW.

    However, gratifying alcohol abuse in a game for minors is a no-no.

  8. Snowbluff

    Paladins unchanged? I thought they would change Judgement to look like the wet noodle it hits like now XD

  9. Kaima

    LOL!!! :)

  10. Swenka

    “Non-spiritual Secular Life Coaches” and “Happy Rainbow Fire” had me rolling. Then I saw the Paladin changes. xD

  11. SD

    thank you. Let’s hope blizzard comes to their senses and decides to undo those changes. Otherwise, they may as well just change the tree from brewmaster to O’doul’s-master

  12. Katlamos

    Oooo I missed something big here.

    So, anyone got a link to the changes being poked fun at with a sharp stick here?

  13. Wurtane

    Some of you don’t seem to get that this is a joke, haha.

  14. SD
  15. JesRaven

    People complaining about paladin DPS just don’t get it. We’ve NEVER been a DPS class. Roll Holy, you’ll feel better.

    Oh, and ROFL at all you other people who got politically corrected. :)

  16. Dyra

    I see what you did there with the Warrior changes. :p

  17. Falos

    The error sound bite will now be “TOO MUCH HAPPINESS.”

  18. Aliok

    I about died at mage’s Remove Curse because of the flap over the mature language filter bug. And then I read under Paladin – I couldn’t decide between laughter or the weeping of bitter tears.

    Anyhow, here is the thread on the U.S. side.

  19. CaptainTool

    i agree with u jes i play a ret pally and i get about 8.5k dps where as others may get significantly more dps i can keep the raid alive longer than them and if i get u still long enough in pvp lol good luck

  20. M

    Warlocks will bring the Rain-boom! Now if only it where true…

  21. Hydrall

    “Non Spiritual secular life coach.” The atheist in me laughed his ass off.

  22. Mr. Tastix
    Mr. Tastix


  23. Alayea

    @SD: Thanks for providing the link. Here’s to getting the changes reverted.

  24. Uriah

    “My Warlock shoots a rainbow beam, your argument is invalid.”

  25. SD

    I do love my rainbow generator from felwood.

  26. Mr. Tastix
    Mr. Tastix

    No death knights? WHAT IS THIS?

  27. RetPallyJil

    That’s right! (flex) Perfect by any standard!!

  28. Schroom

    yay for paladins \o/

  29. Aliok

    @Mr. Tastix: There’s a joke here, I just know it. Sadly, I am unable to think up a witty response to the question. :(

  30. Boydeezy

    The DK was left off because they don’t want to mention that it was removed right off, easier to just quietly bury it and pretend it never happened.

  31. Rickarus

    I must also ask… why no Death Knights, they should have been the easiest to poke fun with in this context. Unless you’re inferring that in an E for Everyone WoW, DKs would simply be removed from the game…. the horror… the horror…..

  32. Mihaitha

    You forgot to mention that Dwarves and Gnomes would be merged into a single class: Little People.

  33. Kane

    This was sort of ok… but then I lost it at “Happy Rainbow Fire”… because it’s true

  34. Zhug

    Guys, you missed one important note for hunters. All guns are being replaced with walkie-talkies!

    Hey… it worked for the ET revamp. 😉

  35. GLaDOS

    Oh good, my slow clap processor made it into the hover text.

  36. Sidonis

    Nice jab at the NYC school system’s recent idiotic political correctness extravaganza.

  37. IcedTeaMan

    I love the fact that on Warriors it just said, Warriors.

  38. Taijavu

    So if two warlocks cast at the same time they get Double Happy Rainbow Fire.
    I wonder what it means?

  39. T

    Paladins remain unchanged XD!

  40. Jorg

    @ Mr. Tastix. Deathknights have currently been removed from the game due to their grotesque appearance and need for a naming overhaul. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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