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Early designs of the Demoralizing Banner weren't as effective - its ability was to display how much higher the opponent's item level was.

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  1. Alt

    The alt text: Priceless

  2. Grant N.
    Grant N.

    A gnome bashing banner SWEET, oh wait I play alliance damn it.

  3. bamadam

    If you are Alliance- neither Blizz nor this website give a rats azz about you.
    It’s still funny but always from Hordecentric.

  4. Schroom

    Alliance players also hate gnomes *gg*

  5. Crestllinger

    Gnome kabobs for everyone!

  6. Shirubia

    @Grant N: Ally gets to bash goblins

  7. Erik

    Gnomes are equally hated by both factions… Although, as a dwarf, turned orc, turned worgen…I would revel in the glory of getting that achievement… Gnome death = win.

  8. Jimmy

    Like half my raid team is gnomes. They creep me out. Their little souless eyes and creepy smile… *shudders*

    They think they’re “cool” and “funny”. I’m a dwarf shaman and make fun of them for being shorter. It all works out in the end.

  9. Uriah

    *Mike smash*

  10. RAZIM

    Kalimdor Fried Gnome stock just went up.

  11. Shraz

    Nothing better than a good old gnome bashing (and impaling apparently) to get your morale up in the middle of the week! Keep up the good work!

  12. Gnomeaggedon

    Gnome punting has been a been a part of WoW for a long time, as as Gnome Kabobs, Warlock hating and innumerable other slights, against both Alliance and Horde.

    WoW is a fun game, which includes many silly in-jokes.

    As a Gnome I fully support Gnome punting and Gnome Kababs, but then I also support Troll Tacos, Tauren Steaks and institutionalised Warlocks.

  13. Aliok

    @Gnomeaggedon: Speaking as a mage, I also support institutionalized Warlocks. Troll Tacos, too (“If cannibalism be wrong, den I don’t want tah be right!”).

    @bamadam: Of course it is Horde-centric – the two narrators/protagonists are an Orc and a Blood Elf. If you want Alliance-centric, there is I’m glad you still find TDB to be funny, but why be concerned over who is cracking jokes about whom?

  14. Elderin

    The banner’s height relates directly to the player’s iLevel?

  15. Alayea

    I think Mike is going to need a bigger banner.

  16. CaptainTool

    This is a joke right i mean warbanners really why do they feel the need to make me put down more stuff as if im not already doing enough stuff in pvp

  17. Falos

    These remind me of when I considered starting a wowmodel comic myself many years ago, it was early BC if I recall.

    Keep up the good work guys, I’m guessing the next one’s about the female pandaren teaser.

  18. Wani

    @Grant: Just remember, Goblins are the Gnomes of the Horde. Goblin-kebab away!

  19. Scuzz

    Mike the orc for Warchief, 2012.

    Also, to Wani: never attempt on a goblin what you would do to a gnome. Where gnomes have squishy, candy-flavored guts, goblins just have explosives and lit fuses.

  20. Magniir

    I fer one am proud ta admit tha’ I am quite fond o’ th’ gnomes. Goblins too, who are ’bout th’ same size as a gnome an’ jus’ as easily puntable!

    We’ve all ‘eard th’ gnome jokes, but ‘ave you ever actually tried ta punt one o’ ’em? Ever? I doubt it! ‘Cause you’d ‘ave blow’n yer own liddle toesies right up yer backside ‘fer ya leg got half way ta their face!

    Tha’s th’ power o’ some good ol’ fashioned ‘splosives, baby! Goblins’ll do it to, but watch out fer dem ones. They got a mighty kick, if ye know wha’ I mean!

    Don’t worry liddle gnomies, Magniir th’ dwarven engineer’s gotcha back! I’ve also got a bloody crossbow ta shoot all ye liddle orcies in th’ face, hah!

  21. Grant N.
    Grant N.

    As an engie I like goblins they make shit go boom gnomes well their tech just sucks balls huh funny they are just the right hieght for it too.

  22. Eostre

    @ Scuzz: I agree, Mike for Warchief!

    There really should be more achievements for gnome killing.. Gnome Slayer just isn’t enough 😀

  23. Schroom

    my only question is, what do gnome warriors do with that Banner? *gg*

  24. Rahl66

    Is it bad when alliance players want to bash gnomes too?

  25. Midare

    For some reason this Mike person reminds me of me… I wonder why tho

    *chews on a gnome leg while typing*

  26. Astridomo


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