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Well, okay, we lied - we got access to the Kirk Cameron pet, but all I wanted to do was ask him about working with Leonardo DiCaprio and he only wanted to talk about bananas. DISMISSED

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  1. Nightwill

    Hahahaha…*gasps* Hahahahaha….cant..stop . laughing…

  2. DragonEmperor

    I’m a fan of Box of Kittens, enemies will be too busy “awwwwww”ing to fight me while I murder them.

  3. Korrash

    Ahhhhhh two-minute mages, sweet memories :)

  4. Gazimoff

    I was that patch 1.8 mage. For a brief* moment I was King of Warsong…

    (* brief being 2-3 seconds every 10 minutes)

  5. Advitiya

    *hands out lots n lots n lots of cookies*

    Thank you!
    From a warlock :-)

  6. Cabbit

    I can just picture the Flintlocke demon in action. Once summoned he’ll immediately run off to the AH to sell something, loiter around the area, get drunk with a human priest, NE, and two gnomes, and if he happens to remember, run back to you long enough to stuff something in his blunderbuss blowing up the target, (And possible you and your party for that matter.), before running back to see how his AH sell is doing.

  7. Kenage

    I would be a warlock just for fel corgis

  8. Ziv

    Looking forward to my Fel Corgi.

  9. Aenara

    Whoa, not Kirk Cameron! Too evil for warlocks…

  10. sinkuu

    I agree with Nightwill. can’t stop laughing.

  11. JesRaven

    Kirk Cameron! He’s a dreamboat! *swoon*

  12. JessicaLynn


  13. Tatlreach

    I simply didn’t understand the mage’s description at all…

  14. CaptainTool

    this is pretty good but pallys need fabio 😀

  15. Music-chan

    Well, I for one think that these pets are a—*distracted by kittens*

  16. Uriah

    Demonic Sea Monkeys ftw

  17. Dearth

    Fel Corgis! I want a pair named Ein and Nein.

  18. Kolzi

    D’aww Cat-Shiok

  19. Bear Pelt

    The last one would wipe me.


    But I’d have no regrets.

  20. Damien

    I’m now going to push (very hard) for our new family cat to be names “Cat-shiok”

  21. Thannak

    Quests cannot be completed while Flintlocke is summoned. Warlocks discovering Flintlocke will unlock the achievement “Worst Group Ever” and earn a companion pet Loping, who comes maxed out for pet battles.

  22. Lethe

    I would trade all three soul shards and my eye of kilrogg spell for the box of kittens. Do want nao!

    Also, so loling at the mage.

  23. Shirubia

    I want the box of kittens! For my Hunter! Heck, for my real life self and- *distracted by kittens*

  24. Alayea

    As a cat-lover, I so want that Box of Kittens! xD

  25. Forestlord

    Sea monkeys….the memories

  26. Aliok

    @Bear Pelt: Agreed. *returns to kitten-gazing*

  27. MadHatterette

    Demonic sea monkeys…aren’t they all?

  28. Geliebte

    ZOMG FEL CORGIS! Okay sign me up for two fel corgis and a box o kittens… if only… oh what am I saying these are all to awesome for words!

  29. Phat Lewts

    Love the Keith Richards reference “will at times leave the group to pursue a solo careerand then rejoin as if nothing had happened”. Priceless.

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