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The campaign manager was fired hours later after making an off-hand remark to the press about his job duties amounting to nothing more than 'putting out a lot of fires'.

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  1. PainfulSplit

    Light it up, Campfire! WE BELIEVE!

    Thanks again for the cialis 20 mg cost livestream and scavenger hunt. Let it be known that on March 31, an orc mounted a moonkin… and was inseparable to said moonkin until his death.

  2. Mikeztarp

    The campaign manager was… “fired”, you say ? xD

  3. Tehcrash

    TYPO ALERT: ‘nothign’ in alt-text.

  4. Miker

    I gotta stop checking these in class.

    Golden. One of the best posts in a week or so now.

  5. Medros

    I’m glad I stockpiled a bank alt 7 years ago with Simple Wood and Flint and Tinder.

  6. zimnic

    Well that’s one way to improve an orphan’s life…


  7. Andelormon

    Katanasaw for Warchief!!

  8. Elderin

    I’m guessing that Basic Camp Fire is real viagra promising a chicken in every pot?

  9. Crestllinger

    And of cialis prescription Course all the orphans walk out unharmed looking for some marshmellows because of their nigh invincibility. (Except story death like in CoS, that trumps All.)

  10. CaptainTool

    well thats one way to get more money freed up in the budget…CAMPFIRE FTW

  11. Kouterm

    Go to to cheap prescription viagra vote for it!

  12. Lev

    Atleast the orphans will be warm for the rest of their lives. :-)

  13. Medros

    Here is a WoWebcomic (what? it’s a word!) that explains why all the orphans will be just fine…

  14. Alayea

    I still believe in you, Basic Campfire!

  15. seriasly

    WTB “Campfire 2012″ t-shirt!!!

  16. Hurtnalbertn

    I laughed a lot harder than I should have at this. Priceless.

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