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  1. Kurapika


  2. Timothues

    Someone close to me has a Internet Network called Declarationofendofpenis. I think of genuine viagra cheap that every time I see Dec. of Independence. Ha!

  3. EmuSam

    I recommend looking into GIMP – freeware with most of the abilities of Photoshop.

  4. Uriah

    Innovation guild, hehe

  5. Mikeztarp

    Oh hey, where can i find generic viagra an Assassin’s Creed III comic! ;)

  6. Crestllinger

    Forging of the Alliance of the US, with suitable commentary from outside sources if it happened today.

  7. Wurtane

    @Mikeztarp: /facepalm…

  8. Alayea

    Enjoy the PAX East convention! :)

  9. CaptainTool

    i should be shot for thinking this comic was going to suck

  10. Pinkyunicorn

    Why didn’t you download Gimp instead?

  11. Hal

    GeorgeDubs is generic viagra safe a troll, ha.

  12. Wurtane

    @Hal: It’s George Washington, you know, right? Hancock, Washington, & the rest of the crew. Constitutional convention & such…

    Ring any bells?

  13. Polybreaker

    @Hal – ha indeed.

  14. JesRaven

    Anyone else find it disturbing that the fastest delivery of cialis forefathers of our nation are women in game?

  15. Liz

    @Jes – How is that different from men today? =P

  16. Doctor Oddfellow
    Doctor Oddfellow

    Meanwhile, Ben Franklin won’t leave Goldshire like EVER.

  17. CaptainTool

    ^moongard lol

  18. RetPallyJil

    Hahaha that’s cute :D

  19. Elderin

    That is freaking awesome.

  20. Hal

    @Wurtane: While I admit they were all in early American politics at the same time, I think I didn’t get the connection to George Washington because John Hancock’s famous signature was attached to viagra prescription the Declaration of viagra without a doctor Independence signed at the Second Continental Congress, at which George Washington was not, not at the Constitutional Convention a decade later, which John Hancock did not attend.


  21. Elderin

    @ Hal

    Ironically, the President of the Continental Congress, John Hancock, and the President of the Constitutional Convention, George Washington, did not attend each others’ meeting.

    This, George Washington never signed the Declaration of Independence and John Hancock never signed the Constitution.

  22. Deep Winter
    Deep Winter

    I love how Hancock’s type font is HUGE! Bravo, history buff. Bravo! ;)

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