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All kidding aside, Zarhym, we don't know how you do it without a liquor store in the building. Unless you just didn't show us the liquor store, in which case, we're hurt. :(

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  1. Sunstep

    Hurt. And sober. :(

  2. Kazz

    You guys owe me a new keyboard after making me spew my morning brew from reading this. Brilliant comic, I’v often felt sorry for Blue Posters, and this does an outstanding job pointing out why.

  3. Kazz

    Did I miss something regarding the last comic? I am completely in the dark other than making fun of the ridiculous amount of QQ’ing everyone does regarding every little thing Blzzard does.

  4. Uriah

    Blue rage! 😉

  5. zimnic

    Forever Alone level: the bottom of a whisky bottle.

  6. Dearth


  7. Drogra

    I laughed. A lot.
    Glorious comic.

  8. Music-chan

    @Kazz: We are not allowed to discuss the last comic. It’s like Fight Club. =p THe first rule of Ji Firepaw’s dialogue is you do not speak about Ji Firepaw’s dialogue.

  9. Sinkuu

    I am SO grateful I have learned to read this while NOT drinking.

    love this one.

  10. Crestllinger

    There. Sent. Now to see how many people on the actual forums think this is a response to something. :>

  11. Imak

    Poor Lylirra, it’s hard to have to be sober at 30 minutes to midnight and help a drunk colleague with their job – the only thing that could make it worse is if they’re the sober one.

    By the way, is it just me or he really did not get enough sleep? A post at 4:45, then another one at 11:03. He has then another post at 15:42 but he might have been at a 4-hour meeting dedicated to finding out why the employees complain about too much time wasted on various meetings or something.

  12. Seebach


    It was a response to something. This pretty much happened when someone was actually trying to show some real concern over how blizzard has handled the lore as of late.

  13. Aliok

    YOU GO ZARHYM! Also, alt text is hilarious.

  14. CaptainTool

    apparently this comic is to epic for my vita to load QQ and to think i worked my ass off for this thing

  15. Zher Rant
    Zher Rant

    *brofist* Professional forum moderators and our whiskey bottles unite!

  16. PainfulSplit

    Zahrym will have some coffee in the morning and be apologetic, but Zarhym won’t! Go Zarhym!

  17. Skytotem

    Hahaha I’m famous

  18. Preaplanes

    I think the word you’re looking for is “infamous”, Sky.

  19. Skytotem

    I just find it funny the ‘bad’ behavior is being rewarded. I mean that was literally my one poorly sourced post out of hundreds of constructive ones that never netted a response.

  20. kinelfire

    Ha! He really is that much of a jerk on his twitter feed though. I guess it’s his outlet, or something.

  21. Dingo

    @Seebach+Skytotem Any chance we can get a link to that thread? :)

  22. Myster

    Yeah, definitely need a link to this thread.

  23. Madruga

    Hahaha, Zarhym rules! I sympathize with him, sometimes you need a bottle of ale to endure the harshness of Blizzard forums!

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