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Orgrimmar's workplace safety record was greatly improved when Garrosh stopped tracking intentional deaths.

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  1. toliman

    So, Orgrimmar is basically Australia… the orc even has that same vacant expression as our customs inspectors

    it all makes sense !

  2. Bear Pelt

    To be fair, one should be /yelling ‘FOR THE HORDE!’. Wouldn’t let anyone past if they didn’t do that!

  3. Cabbit

    If only we did just have to yell “For The Horde” in-order to skip that drivel he spouts during the intro.

  4. haggi

    my coworkers think i’m demented for laughing this hard at this time in the morning.

  5. Alayea

    The alt text is what really made the comic, for me.

  6. Music-chan

    As someone who crosses the US/Canada border all the time, this is completely accurate.

  7. Uriah

    Alt text lols :)

  8. Shadowkitten

    Today’s comic rocks!!! :)

  9. Druzle

    The glasses on garrosh make him look so much sophicated.

    Great job as always

  10. CaptainTool

    remind me why the horde keep getting more races

  11. jdawg1290

    pandarens can join either faction.

  12. SD

    Hipster Garrosh was fury before titan’s grip made it cool

  13. Thannak

    Ah, true RP in Orgrimmar…

    “Ack, I’m impaled on this door-spike!”
    “I’m on fire!”
    “Help, I’m stuck on a cactus!”
    “I’M FALLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnggg….”

  14. CaptainTool

    chris or mike can you please make a blank template of the “hipster garosh” so it can be my background XD

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