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'Did anyone notice during the fight that Horde players could just jump in and attack us whenever? That doesn't seem fair. How do PVP guilds put up with that? I mean, yuck.'

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  1. Airlick

    Oh. Em. Gee. That was hilarious. Definitely the best strip yet. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  2. Kurapika

    I’m a kitty (=;..;=)

  3. Korrash

    Gotta love the comment on Lor’themar Theron xD

  4. Gunblade

    Lor’themar Theron, the only NPC that cares about her hair :)

  5. Midare

    Poor Bob… I mean… Lor’themar… nobody loves him =(

  6. dularr

    I heard they did it through class stacking gnome mages yelling “Buff Mages!”

  7. Mikeztarp

    “Did you put the video to dubstep?” => soooo true xD

    PS @Gunblade: Actually, Lor’themar Theron (no relation to Charlize) is a male blood elf. But I can see how you could make that mistake. 😛

  8. lorens

    @Mikeztarp that’s the joke

  9. Aliok

    Bwahahaha! I was wondering if would occur to anyone else. I shouldn’t have worried.

    Vodka should transfer over to Malfurion – here, the Horde would flock to the room to cheer on the Alliance. (I kid about the server transfer part.)

    Poor Lor’the-who. /lol

    Excellent satirical article. 😀

  10. Ben

    When I saw the title I thought this was going to be about how Garrosh, upon finding out he was going to be killed in a raid, drunk himself into a depression and then died of alcohol poisoning.

    This is much better.

  11. CaptainTool

    ^^That is a much better ending lol

  12. Crestllinger

    Killed by chained time warps FROM THE FUTURE!

  13. Bear Pelt

    Horde players stood at the edges of the room cheering on the Alliance in emotes despite dying to the occasional AOE overflows. We entered our own euphoria when Mr My-Shoulders-Too-Badarse kissed the floor at long last.

  14. Alayea

    Are… are those disco strobe lights?! My mind. Blown.

  15. Jaq

    I knew a guy who had an alt in my guild who had a main on the same server as Vodka. Mind you, he wasn’t IN Vodka, but every time they did something, he’d boast about it in vent WHILE we were trying to kill bosses in FL. Swear to god, midfight. Finally I asked him if he actually was in Vodka. He said no, and I told him that he could save the updates about a guild he wasn’t in for MMO Champion.

    He quit the guild two days later.

  16. Tri

    Who is this Lor’themar??

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