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Chris: Wait... didn't we do a strip a few months ago where the same character mocked how dumb it would be for WoW to go F2P? Mike: THAT'S JUST WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO THINK!

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  1. Bear Pelt


  2. Arrowsmith

    A brilliant commentary, good sirs. I tip my hat in approval.

  3. Mikeztarp

    Man, I love those “Meanwhile, at Blizzard Headquarters” strips. xD

  4. zimnic

    WoW going F2P? Will happen sooner than later, as the enigmatic title Titan is probably closer and closer to its release date. It would also kick EA hard in the balls, since the subsription for SWTOR is quite expensive, at least in the place where I live.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what GW2 offers. Blizz won’t make its move until then imho.

  5. Kazz

    My jaw hit the floor when I saw the last panel. Yet another brilliant comment. I do wish the flame wars over Ji Firepaw hadn’t been mentioned though. I was just getting over what many of the blogs said. You warned me, I didn’t listen and looked into what happened. I regret it so much!

  6. myrddin42

    the brilliant stratagem of it all!!!!!!! *hides from Bashiok for good measure*

  7. Sable Drakon
    Sable Drakon

    If WoW does go F2P, then it really will be the death of WoW. Blizzard’s done plenty of stupid crap with the game, but that alone will be the final nail in the coffin Blizzard’s been making since Wrath.

  8. PainfulSplit

    So, do they have a lever that goes between “Free to Play,” “Pay by the Hour,” “Monthly Subscription Fee,” and “Sacrifice Firstborn?”

  9. haggi

    god you guys are BRILLIANT. kudos, next time you’re in seattle i owe you madmen a pint.

  10. JesRaven

    Pfff… I’m laying 50 to 1 odds that the lever is broken.

  11. Mamzelle_Kat

    Only one of those correspondents is Horde! Clearly, Daily Blink favou—MHMMFFPPFFFTTT

  12. Batleth

    HA! That’s awesome.

    However, the funniest thing about this one is the fact that you can see barely half of the gnome’s head on the screen. I don’t know why that cracks me up…

  13. Alayea

    @JesRaven: I bet the that the lever works, but it turns out to be the wrong one.

  14. UmImmanis

    That’s actually the lever for the Mage class. If they switch it Mages will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

  15. Sokolas

    What Mikeztarp said. “Blizzard HQ” are my favourite strips :)

  16. Crestllinger

    That wasn’t the WoW switch! That was the Diablo 3 switch!!

  17. Forestlord

    Maybe its because i don’t read enough blogs, or its just that i’m not a hardcore gamer, but I don’t understand why WoW being F2P is such a horrifying concept. Would it cause a decrease in quality or something?

  18. Miker

    @ Mamzelle_Kat: Bonus points for staying topical 😉

  19. Hegar


  20. Cabbit

    Somewhere a conspiracy theorist is looking at this and saying “I knew it! I knew it! They are going F2P!”

  21. CaptainTool

    i wonder what varian is up to

  22. EnchanterAnonymous

    The mouse-over text really makes it. Like really, really makes it. Right good chuckle at that.

  23. Thannak

    The day they go f2p is the day WoW 2 or Warcraft 4 is announced.

  24. Xexxie Crankcase
    Xexxie Crankcase

    Sheep + people = sheeple, aka the masses.

  25. Zophor

    Pull the lever Kronk/minion!

    (pulls lever, releases raging horde of angry trolls)


  26. Nakara


  27. gos

    what happened with Ji Firepaw? I know this isn’t the place to ask, so could someone send me a link?

  28. Alayea

    Speaking of “Wake up, Sheeple!”… I forgot to add a link to a hilarious comic by xkcd of the same name.

  29. Thannak

    So…my old warlock, Mekkatorque, a draenei blacksmith from some unimportant town, and the nameless blood elf racial leader are Blizzard’s agents?

  30. Mr. Tastix

    Hah, trust me. The day WoW goes F2P -everyone- will know about it.

    They could try and distract the community with a load of stuff but as soon as the F2P bomb hits you can bet your sorry ass people will stop what they’re doing to QQ about that and everything else will be “so 10 minutes ago”.

    I don’t see why Blizzard would honestly go F2P, though. They still have over 10 million subscribers. Even if half of those are in Asia they’re still making nearly $1 billion a year in gross revenue from Western countries alone.

  31. mans51

    I could say, I told you… but then again, we dont really know…

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