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10 minutes later: 'You don't suppose this means I won't get the pet, do you?' 'No, I suspect not.'

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  1. CorporalPunishment

    We don’t want him to have a cooldown, now do we?

  2. zimnic

    This could come in handy int the PvP arenas – just ice block and wait till the opponent gets bored and leaves or his mum tells him to stop playing or something. 😀

  3. Astalnar

    Or you get disconnected because of inactivity.

  4. Kazz

    Next time learn macros first. /cancelaura Ice Block
    Brilliant comic! Since I have been playing my mage more again, the Mage-centric comics are really hitting the spot. XD

  5. Mikeztarp

    Well you can always Dragon’s Breath him until he thaws out, but it might take a while. Fortunately, you’re in Orgrimmar and not Dalaran, the climate is on your side! 😛

  6. Cabbit

    Its so touching when people take time out for the little orphans. I mean who needs a pet to encourage them to do such a wonderful thing?

  7. Alayea

    I can see it now: Mike takes his orphan to the battlegrounds and discovers that no one is winning. NO ONE.

  8. CaptainTool

    my fear is what’s mike going to teach his…

  9. Preaplanes

    I’d kill for that ability in an arena or certain BGs.

    “Aw damn it, we don’t have a priest and this mage is sitting on FRR” “I quit” “Me too”

  10. Khoonda

    Luckily I bet Mike taught his orphan Shattering Throw…

  11. Exoken

    Mike could use shattering throw.
    I’m sure you get the pet as long as you return all the pieces.

  12. Sanzul

    The worst part is that children aren’t targetable, so you can’t even Mass Dispel him out of there.

  13. Crestllinger

    Mike hands the Lvl1 Orphan an axe at Alterac Valley with the instruction ‘Kill anything trying to get in’. See also:

  14. Kazz

    Come MoP, Resto Druids using Symbiosis on Mages get their own Ice Block….AWWW YEAHHHHH!!!!

  15. Scadharel

    Did anyone else play the ice block sound effect in their head when they saw this?

  16. Crystallius

    @Scad: …yes

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