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The prank war would escalate from there. You should have seen the look on the GCP's face when Bashiok announced on the forums that Ghostcrawler was adding three new classes to Mists of Pandaria, and everyone on the forums started shrieking in delight.

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  1. PG

    Bashiok vs Ghostcrawler, the ultimate showdown which will leave thousands of Blizzard fans in shambles.

  2. Nemy

    this comic had me openly laughing. awesome.

  3. CaptainTool

    don’t mess with GC lol

  4. frag971

    The penultimate panel killed me. I can totally picture him saying that with his most dreaded and calculated voice.

  5. Himaru - Nemesis
    Himaru - Nemesis


    PS: poor bashiok –‘

  6. Cabbit

    Game, set, match to CG this time. Wonder how Bashiok will respond lol.

  7. Mugajak

    This might be my new favorite comic of all time. Anywhere. Thank you.

  8. Jaq

    It’s using the proper font for Bashiok that really made me LOL.

    And yes, people will still be trying to make cookie cutter specs in MoP. It’s going to be hilarious.

  9. Aenara

    Definitely one of your best! <3 u guys!! :)

  10. Morrighan

    We all need to decide which path we will follow – Bashiokism or the Cult of the Crab.

  11. Aliok

    Hilarious! Using the “God Bashiok” font was a nice touch, too.

  12. Falos

    Bunch of pvp talents, all of them. Arena was a little fun at first, but I got so sick of multiplayer duels that neither of my 50’s on TOR have set foot in pvp, and likely never will.

  13. Forestlord

    hover text. if only….

  14. nerdling365

    God! Thank you for that. I haven’t laughed that hard at a webcomic in quite a long time.

  15. Wurtane

    @Morrighan: I choose Bashiokism! And declare a crusade against the Cult of the Crab!

  16. Grandine


    Being a Horde Paladin-main, I am a devout Metzennite and a sworn enemy of the Crab.

  17. CaptainTool

    Bashiokism FTW

  18. JellyPants

    So…. what does the Metzen entity look like?

  19. Alayea


    @JellyPants: It is not for us mere mortals to know…

  20. Thannak

    @Alayea: You know the Mini-Thor pet in WoW? You know how it’s based on a castle-sized giant robot from Starcraft 2? Remember how there’s one bigger in the single player campaign?

    Now think about what a GM version would look (there’s a viking helmet both on top, AND inside the cockpit!)

    Note: One can only teleport to Ghostcrawler’s domain while garbed in a Lobster tabard and a matching color set.

  21. Nic

    “Bunch of pvp talents, all of them”

    If you seriously believe that you really need to have a second look. There’s strong PvE aspects to almost every single talent. The ones not relevant there will still be strong on Trash and PvP.

    That said the new design is better regardless. Think of it this way. You will do X DPS either way. No matter what happens, when MoP rolls around, you will do X DPS.

    If they’d kept the old system you’d be doing X DPS when you had all your talents optimised.

    With the current system you get almost all of X DPS directly from your class abilities.

    This means all your talents are for utility, fun, things that you don’t have to be balanced around. Things that’re fun or interesting. Which seems more fun to you?

  22. Xexxie Crankcase
    Xexxie Crankcase

    Hm, Bashiock as Monty Python God, Ghostcrawler as Master Control Program in Tron, I wonder what embodiment Zarhym will incarnate? No doubt an evil horned demon/devil of some sort, but who???

    Give us a comic starring a sardonic Zarhym please.

  23. CaptainTool

    ^so basically diablo

  24. Alayea

    @Thannak: Regrettably, I have not played SC2. I have seen the WoW pet, though.

  25. Headbiter

    Am I the only one who read the last panel and immediately thought “Dammit, Hardison!”?

  26. Morradin

    I used to be in the guild Wum Ba on Cenarion Circle, and Shaggy was a great raid leader!

  27. Madruga

    CanĀ“t…. stop… laughing….

    Please continue this epoc confrontation!

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