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There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Chris, so... find a mage trainer and rectify that quickly, please.

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  1. Artemisia

    Awww…yeah D3 is a lot more fun than WoW these days.

  2. Muertes

    I love D3 .. been waiting a long time, haven’t logged into wow since launch :O)

  3. Wurtane

    Well, isn’t WoW basically in wait time for MoP?

    But if you can survive people who whine about EVERYTHING in general chat, then D3 is the funnest game ever!

  4. Music-chan

    Having played through the story, I find D3 to be pretty…..sadistic? No no no, in a good way! I mean, they really went with the whole blood and death and disgusting scenery and it totally sets the mood. I think the Scoundrel said it best: “I knew Leoric was crazy but that’s just disgusting!”

    So yeah, I totally was behind Mike’s reaction. =p

  5. Zophor

    Does he mean that CHRIS will die trying or that HE will die trying?

  6. Swenka

    @Wurt: OMG, I forgot about chat channels. Too engrossed in my Monk swooshing his arms to and fro killing waves of enemies.

    **REMOVED SPOILER** — Sorry, not nearly hidden enough. -Chris

  7. JesRaven

    A portal to Tristram? Sign me up.

  8. CaptainTool

    lol i was worried about mike until the last block

  9. Grakkh

    Horrors beyond counting have wilted against my blows!

  10. Cabbit

    Wonderful cross over. Now if they only stumble across the Not-So-Secret Cow Level.

  11. Kaima

    Laughed out loud at that last panel. :)

  12. Diadh

    Hoping that you guys have plans for quite a few more of these. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ends up!

  13. Alayea

    Perfect logic of the Mike variety. xD

  14. Falos

    Smelled the Mike punchline, scrolled down, still fun.

    “I want you to research everything you can about that place.”
    “To prevent this from ever happening again?”
    “To send me back.”

  15. Crestllinger

    Its a simple reason why D3 is more fun: WoW has ‘heroic’ Diablo has Inferno. Now imagine if WoW had Inferno.

  16. pathsin

    blood and gore, sounds like a vacation worth taking. also from what I have seen a bunch of people are taking it.

  17. RetPallyJil

    I am so very much with you, Orc.

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