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For full effect, listen to Ashokan Farewell while reading.

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  1. First

    I don’t get it.

  2. Nazuvious

    Summon Ivus!

  3. Bloskmourn

    When I die, I will write my loved ones a such letter.

    “But if the dead can be spirit-rezzed to this earth”…
    Pure poetry, man. Pure poetry.

  4. Mikeztarp

    True story.

  5. Olania

    The alt text is true – the comic really was funnier with that song in the background! Thank you Alt Text!

  6. Kaima

    Agreed with Mikeztarp — True story.

  7. Janin

    I have never laughed at the Blink for just a text posting 😀
    The music. It be perfect ^_^

  8. Hyacintha

    I started humming Ashokan Farewell way before I got to the alt text. Well done.

  9. Music-chan

    I am not one to normally nitpick but “I shall always be near you always” seems a little redundant.

  10. Sinkuu

    /mourn the blacklisted BG’s. :(

  11. JesRaven

    @Music-chan: It WAS written by an orc. Grammar sometimes eludes their kind.

  12. Music-chan

    @JesRaven You make a good point!

    As was mentioned on Twitter, this letter is based off of a letter written by this man:

  13. Alayea

    The music does fit the letter. Can’t say I really cared for Ashokan Farewell, though. :/

  14. Rob

    Screw what everyone else in BG chat tells you, force a turtle!

  15. Snowbluff

    HAHHAHA! I was laughing so hard. AV is so fail!

  16. Trayfel

    lol, Ashokan Farwell was playing in my mind before i even read the alt text……well played good sirs.

  17. Secarian

    Blacklist AV? Surely, everyone will rather blacklist IoC and SotA…

  18. LilRizzo

    haha, awesome job. And yes, if anyone has seen the PBS mini-series, “The Civil War”, there is an actual letter written by a Union soldier named Sullivan Ballou who died a couple weeks after writing this letter at the 1st battle of Bull Run (Manassas). This was a damn fine adaptation! /applaud

  19. Scar

    Yea sure, everyone will black list SotA because it is the fastest BG for honor and valor.

  20. D Luniz
    D Luniz

    al it needs are some sephia tinted photos of him and the towers and Ken Burns can make a doc from it

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