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Most hilarious outcome out of all this: Continually overbidding Zul'jin. You can hear the cursing for miles.

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  1. Dragon

    lol Blizzards way of clearing out all the gold cappers and selling the gold to the gold farmers to make bank. i love it.

    to all the nay sayers now…. i know i know blizzard doesnt support gold farmers and doesnt sell gold…. duhhh but makes you really wonder where all your gold goes to for repairs and stuff now doesnt it??? (pictures chris mitzen rolling in a big gold coin pile throwing it in the air cackeling)

  2. Cynon

    Third from the bottom, please. KTHX!

  3. Cynon

    @ Former — I’m 40-years-old, and I fucking love Kung-fu panda. Take note from Master Oogway: “The mind is like water, when disturbed it becomes difficult to see….but if we allow our minds to settle, the vision becomes clear.”

    LOL @ your nerdrage. Roll your panda and enjoy life.

  4. Matojo (@furiey)

    LOL, Pet: Illidan, sold by Tyrande. I approve. >D

  5. recneps1337

    @lvlark the poster’s name is blizzard no im serios the most clear part if his name is at the comma
    this is still realy realy funny the ones i actualy want (which is kinda sad considering its a joke) are shattrath , the dark lady’s phone number and the little rag campfire

  6. Substance20

    Third from the bottom is a ripoff. I and a guildee all but completely skipped Outlands mainly via RDF (except for the earliest Hellfire Pen quests so we can get our iLvl up).

    Makes it funnier though. :))

  7. Substance20

    …I just noted the Dark Knight reference. FTW.

  8. Ralanr

    How did you guys go through out lands so quickly? It bores the hell outta me. And I’m trying to tank through it

  9. Enchanter Anonymous
    Enchanter Anonymous

    Sirs, I don’t think I have laughed this much at one of your comics in months, if ever. Great job. So much condensed awesome.

  10. tb

    Outlands isn’t that bad. Whiners will be whiners.

  11. Austin

    Sylvanas’ Phone number ‘eh? Totally worth it.

  12. Retpallyjil

    Hahaha screw you, Outlands. Happiest day of my life was when I scraped you off my boots.

  13. Retpallyjil

    Dang first time I ever put the S on Outland. Shame on me!

  14. Nico

    LOL Shattrath sold by Naaru reality and associates!

  15. Dementron

    Actually, you can use the pet Lil’ Ragnaros AS a campfire.

    I regularly use him to level cooking.

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