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  1. Katarnas

    Brilliant 😀 we have a mage that has a tendency to overlay SW portals with either Dal or Theramore so he would love the chance to send people to a totally different game instead of just a different continent.

  2. mowanza

    a series?

  3. Jaq

    I am totally trying to play WoW like it’s Diablo 3. Took me 30 seconds to get out of the inn in Valley of Wisdom because left clicking wasn’t working.

  4. Bear Pelt

    Wonder what they could’ve been rolling on. And what manner of punishment would go with a rare mount roll lost!

  5. Music-chan

    hahaha, I was fighting something in D3 the other day and was like “wait, they have naga in Diablo? There’s no elves in Diablo!”

    That made me realize that the citizens of sanctuary are totally not prepared for fantasy races. Humans, demons, angels and undead, that’s pretty much what they get I think.

  6. JuiceBox

    After visiting heaven in D3 I am fully convinced that the Blood Elves & Night Elves teamed up to build it. >.<

  7. TaskWizard

    Ive totally done that on accident before when giving someone a port. LOL

  8. TaskWizard

    place reminds me of Harry Potter movies. Weaselly: “Say “DI-A-GON ALLY!”” Harry: “diagnaly”

  9. Drogra

    My problem with D3 is that I keep trying to find the Yellow portal that goes with my Blue portal.

  10. Dearth

    Blizzard crossovers! Kerrigan vs. Andariel nipple-twisting deathmatch!!

  11. Crestllinger

    *Pictures a Tauren landing in New Tristam and all the villagers eyeing them hungrily.

  12. Chel


  13. Ebonhoof

    whatevs blizzard wont let me mail my heirloom gear over wtf.. and another thing..where is my corehound??

  14. Andrew

    I can’t wait for the Ancient Portal Dalaran spell that lets us send people to the crater…never again will anyone cross a mage…

  15. lucky


    Ah, diablo 3 take on the secret cow level.

  16. BobTheBasher

    Reminds me of the old ImaNewbie comics based on Ultima Online, he gets portaled into Diablo II :-)

  17. Astridomo

    TROLOL – <3 Portal Trolling 😀

  18. Anarki

    @Jaq But you can turn it on in options! It’s not that good of control scheme for wow though 😉

  19. Substance20

    At least he’s 25 levels above cap.

  20. Dakota Guy
    Dakota Guy

    This is what you get for never riding any mount except Tyrael’s Charger. We’re sick of it, stop using it or you will never get to play with the pandas!

  21. Aliok

    At least he ended up in Diablo III. I shudder to think of what the reaction would be if he ended up in Warhammer… Anway, I noticed just how bright WoW gear appears next to darker/”more realistic” NPCs, buildings, etc. I wish they had stayed with a brighter version of Diablo III – less eye strain, at least.

    Also, you totally have my hopes up after reading the alt text.

  22. JesRaven

    There is no orc level.

  23. ZeroUm

    At least he is level 85. Playing Inferno would be like slicing butter with hot axes.

  24. Alayea

    I wonder if the mage that got stiffed was Mike’s buddy, Chris. =P

  25. snark^

    Best mage portal I saw was in LFR last week. Everyone standing up top on the temple, waiting on the portal to Hagara to appear; and one of the mages puts his portal up right as the Kalecgo’s portal starts growing – result: 5-6 of the raid end up in Theramore.

  26. Zach

    The bigger question here is “why was that warrior rolling on cloth?”

  27. Mercadi


    For DE, obviously. Or vendor.

  28. Wurtane

    “Anyway, I noticed just how bright WoW gear appears next to darker/”more realistic” NPCs, buildings, etc. I wish they had stayed with a brighter version of Diablo III – less eye strain, at least.”

    Try getting into Act II. That’s more of a Middle Eastern inspired theme. It’s brighter and more mystical.

  29. Retpallyjil

    I really don’t see too much difference between RPJ and my barbarian gal to tell the truth. “Hey girls, can we go smash some zombie skulls?”

    RPJ and Barb: “YES, WE CAN!”

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