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Everything's moved into the new place, but 90% of it is still in the garage due to fatigue. I'm going to go sleep for 14 hours now. Good night, everyone.

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  1. RevengeanceQD

    Search feature go!

  2. Desudesudesu

    Well, this comic was so bland, generic viagra sample I decided to sales of cialis open up the “Comment policy”
    It’s pretty amazing, actually.

  3. Cerca

    I think you need to get Altoholic so you can search for it….

  4. JJSon

    WTB google garage app

  5. Lethe

    I empathize with you! I usually find myself living out of boxes for viagra brand years after a move. Grats on your new hearth point :D

  6. dularr


  7. Raymond

    I totally read today’s comic in Professor Farnsworth’s voice.

  8. Wurtane

    Hmm…get some rest, man.

  9. Crestllinger

    Murphy’s law = the one in the bottom left on the 40mg cialis floor.

  10. Cabbit

    Ah the joys of moving: Keeping your fingers crossed that nothing gets broken, that you indeed did pack everything, and then trying to find that one important thing packed in one of those lovely boxes.

    Joy, just pure joy.

  11. arc

    Good New’s Everyone!

  12. arc

    oh damn -.- *news, that’s gonna bug me for a while.

  13. Painezor

    Hopefully warcraft logic does not apply.
    “hey, cialis 10 mg for sale rogue, can you unlock this please?”
    You have recieved loot: [Lockbox]
    “Uhm… this one too”

  14. Xexxie Crankcase
    Xexxie Crankcase

    @Crestllinger: Correct, but only if one begins searching from top right.

  15. Bear Pelt

    By strange coincidence, I too just shifted apartments. Cripes it’s hectic and stressful.

    Hope things go better for you than it has for me! cialis by mail :P

  16. JesRaven

    Siri, where’s the strip?


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