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What we learned today: It's really hard to rhyme 'Zarhym'.

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  1. Uriah

    T’was to brim to rhyme the Zarhym so we had to trim ’em

  2. Joe Ego

    Harem? Wear/stare/glare/tear ’em?


  3. Music-chan

    Starbucks! Yes, I’d like a venti something-something with extra dragon, please.

  4. Cabbit

    And then when all is said and done they’ll just place Jaina in some corner we won’t hear anything from her any more.

    Unless of course Blizz opts to make a little cash on the side by having some story written about her suffering and possible her getting over her tragedy by going on some epic journey.

    A journey we won’t know about in-game because Jaina will just be in some corner.

  5. haggi

    Cabbit: they’re already doing a jaina book for mists. so your prediction of cash grab already came true.

    and we never see any of the major plot development because there’s njot tons of money in giving it away in-game.

    comic-related: i swear to god you could put these lyrics to the tune of ‘crawling’. by linkin park

  6. Nakara

    Well done, well done. *snap*

  7. CorporalPunishment


    You fool, you know Blizz will just corrupt the character and we get to kill her.
    Happens to everybody.

    I want to be able to like this comment. Damn you, Chris/Mike

  8. Mikeztarp

    It’s funny how both sides are always convinced that Blizzard is favoring the other…

    @haggi: You’re right, it fits really well with “Crawling” xD

  9. Alayea

    @Uriah: Nice. :)

    @Mikeztarp: I smell an upcoming comic… >_>

  10. Emma

    Craaaawling in my skin, these would I cannot bandage

  11. perera_eu

    It was then that I saw Zarhym
    Looking closer, he was crying
    You see, he had gone mad
    from all the people saying “you bad”.

  12. JesRaven

    Now all we need is an in-game Burger King somewhere in Thunder Bluff. I wanna have it my way, baby!

  13. Kazz

    Brilliant comic! I think of all the things I worry about Blizzrd messing up the most, it is the Theramore event. As a long time Blizzard fan, even I admit that their storytelling has been subpar lately, and being forced to read their novels for major plotpoints is devious. If they screw up Jaina too badly, it could very well ruin this expansion for me.

  14. Lianne

    I gotta stick with Kazz’s comment. If they screw up Jaina that much, I won’t be around for Pandaria.

  15. D Luniz
    D Luniz she blind now?
    I mean her eyes are milky white

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