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The damage buffs are growing... how far, no one is knowing... but they're certainly not showing... any signs that they are slowing!

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  1. Knate

    Well, now I have the uncontrollable need to watch this movie later. Good work.

  2. Gloomkin

    Like the IMBA! IMBA! Paladins do. You added an extra IMBA!. Sense of immersion ruined. QQ

  3. haggi

    aaaaand the classic movie just got back at the top of my netflix queue.

  4. Trinitas

    It’s not often something makes me laugh out loud or break into song.
    This did both.

    So much win.

  5. Gwen

    Oh my dear lords.

    My flatmate now thinks I’m crazy because I burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

  6. Random Internet Dude
    Random Internet Dude

    my pvp song was always

    “your skills are pretty lame,
    but then, everyone’s the same, yes they are,
    now get yourself set to be ashamed,
    by the King of Games”

  7. Hammrad

    What did we say about not buffing Paladins?

  8. Arrowsmith

    I can’t tell if this is better or worse than the photoshop job of Ghostcrawler as Dr. Strangelove…

  9. The Fallen
    The Fallen

    i hope everybody sang that instead of reading it

  10. Liz

    @Gloomkin – the very last time it is in the song, there’s TWO oompas then a loompa instead of just one, so this is correct.

  11. Crestllinger

    Well the words ‘puzzle’ and ‘wise’ just poofed half of the people who need to hear this. the others can’t read.

  12. Izzi

    Great picture, and now, thanks so much, I will have that song in my head all day..

  13. PCMN

    Loveing the hover text too!

  14. haggi

    also, bigtime: someone get oxhorn on the phone, there’s a machinima he REALLY needs to get cracking on.

    actually a musical riff on the entire development side, with ghostcrawler in the place of willy wonka…

  15. Enchanter Anonymous
    Enchanter Anonymous

    Paladins are IMBA? When did that happen?

  16. Anon

    Oompa loompa doobity doh
    Should’ve just made a rogue, bro

  17. Drogra

    I think I just broke something.
    I hurt inside.
    The laughter, it just wont end.

  18. Alayea

    Utterly brilliant!

  19. Elderin

    Known fact: Paladins are the best raiders.

  20. Michael

    Paladin has three syllables, and sounded best in that line. That’s all.

  21. Druzle

    This one actually took me a few seconds to put it all together.
    But once I did, I wasn’t able to stop laughing, Absolutely brilliant.

  22. Raymond

    Oh god, GC is staring into my soul.

  23. Wurtane

    …Why’s he staring at me?

    WTF, DUDE!

  24. Alex

    Absolutely brilliant! My favourite movie of all time!
    I even did a little oompa loompa dance!

  25. JesRaven

    I’m just gonna come out and say it. GC looks good with a felt hat and offensively bright purple suit.

  26. Ebonhoof

    paladins ftw… also i totally sang the song with the words out loud..
    loling on the inside!

  27. Forgetabull

    Fantastic !

  28. atomos6104

    Laughing and chewing food doesn’t work. Worth it though thank you guys.

  29. Aliok

    I laughed so hard while singing the words aloud. Excellent PhotoShop by the way.

    @JesRaven: It matches his status as an Epic poster.

  30. George

    That is the correct number of imba! random guy before me, it is you who is wrong.

    The last verse of the original song is “You can live in happiness too, if you do as the oompa, oompa, loompa… doopity doo”

    so the parody lyrics fit perfectly.

  31. echem

    the hover-text … anyone ever heard of pendulum?

  32. EternalZero

    It had to be Paladins or Warriors because those are the only classes with three syllable names.

    And it’s Paladins because the joke is that PvP armor is usually tacky as all get out, while Paladin Tier is nominally the height of fashion.

  33. Captain Ironears
    Captain Ironears

    “Paladin has three syllables, and sounded best in that line. That’s all.”

    ^Ghostcrawler in disguise

  34. Almighty Bracket
    Almighty Bracket

    Are they tanking, Are they holy, is it true they they are trolling? Not a speck of damage they’re taking, so their stats they must be stacking! Are the fires of Wrath a-glowing? Is the Wrecking Ball a-mowing?! YES! Their Damage Is Growing! Cause The Pallies Keep On Pulling! And the devs, they are not showing, any signs they they are NERFING!

    .. *cough* …

  35. Genial

    Wow is a adiction very dangerous , more study freaks !

  36. Obsi

    Funny and true.
    It’s always brushed under the carpet that WoW was never designed for PvP and didn’t have any in any meaningful form for a while.
    There are so many other, better, games for that. Leave WoW for what it does best, PvE.
    I’d sure be happier.

  37. sapphiria

    Do the Snozberries still taste like snozberries?1?!

  38. KainXavier

    Ho-lee sh-iet. AWESOME. Never commented before, though I love the Blink, but his particular one was so f’n awesome. I’m positive I was not the only one to sing through this thing, nor do the voice used for the alt-text. Easily one of your top 5 creations man. I love it.

  39. KainXavier

    Side-thought for those that love meme’s. Alt alt-text could have been “You play a paladin? You must be so good at PvP”

  40. HoshiMoro

    I really like this one. References a classic movie, reflects the state most people who PvP in WoW react to things AND takes a Ghostcrawler-esque shot at Paladins. Cornucopia of win, indeed. And I say that as a Ret Paladin.

  41. RetPallyJil

    Damn straight.

  42. JRSpaniel

    >”fail” used as adjective


  43. Hurtnalbertn

    Darn right pallies are imba, they seem to have been broken, pve-wise, since Cata. Well, they’re a bit better now, but I liked mine how he was in Wrath.

  44. Hurtnalbertn

    And yeah, it’s a ret pally. :(

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