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Or, at least, as a compromise, make casuals do the same 5 quests for 2 straight months, if they play daily, in order to get access to the new stuff. No, I don't care if by definition they wouldn't be casual players anymore, ITS THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING

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  1. Yzakami


  2. Mikeztarp

    Viva la revolu- oh wait, no… huh… viva el status quo?

  3. Crestllinger

    All that has to be done is to have an attunement quest before landing on Panderia to keep out the noobs. *Pyscho music* Say Exalted with the Hydraxion Waterlords?

  4. Schitso

    isn’t the nature of a daily something you do everyday (or at least should)? having a massive pool of quests is not dailies.

  5. Leilanirane

    Love it!

  6. Lorath


  7. chambertin

    Then all my grinding wasnt in vain? I love you again my Duke. You’re so much more than a random lackluster achievement now.
    Tonight I shall dine and drink Quintessence

  8. Tek

    Thanks for making this. Screw all those elitist who think they’re special just cause they can make WoW their second job, no-life their way through it and only what they think should dictate the development of the game.

  9. haggi

    i vote we put this on the forums and see how many people take it seriously.

  10. Mamzelle_Kat

    I can’t wait for this to be posted on MMO-Champ and witness the downpour of rage that is sure to follow.

  11. zimnic

    AHAHAHAHA! Next thing: bring back the old Honor aquiring (based on the total PvP activity of the player in comparison to all the other PvPers throughout the week)! 😀

  12. Katlamos

    While we’re at it, let’s bring back the honor based keys for heroics, attunement quests, and make every raid a 40m again.

  13. Elderin

    I guess I’m one of those people. I get really irritated with players who can’t play their toon and yet demand epic loot. I was in a PUG DS 10 with a mage who was doing 8K DPS. How in the world is that even possible?

    Yet, these whiners complaint (redundant, I know) that the raid is too hard or too complicated. If you’re not willing to put any effort into something, you shouldn’t get any rewards.

  14. CaptianTool

    ive been a casual player in some games and a hardcore one in others and can honestly say it’s more fun as a hardcore player and less frustrating

  15. Music-chan

    @Elderin I think most reasonable players feel that way, but there will always be people at opposite ends of the spectrum. There are some who don’t think anyone should be able to get anything “good” if they don’t play every day and raid 6 days a week. Then there are those who don’t feel like they should have to do any work at all to get their epics.

    As for me, I used to raid 4 or 5 days a week, but life moved on and now I can only play a few hours a week. I like the raid finder because it allows me to see the content and get some decent things but I do worry about my performance, particularly when I’m just barely qualifying for the raid in the first place. But unlike some people, I’ll do a little research, gem and enchant all my stuff and try to improve. Therein lies the middle ground.

  16. JesRaven

    Elderin, Music-chan, where have you two been all my life? *sniffle* I thought I was alone in this world!

    If it weren’t for the raid finder, I would never have raided. Unlike most in there who treat it either like a raid-away-from-raid or the others who don’t know the meaning of “SINGLE TARGET!”, I take it seriously and try to make myself a better player. I’ll never be the best and I’m not trying to be. I just want to have fun.

    One thing I did to improve my enjoyment of the game is got rid of Recount. Staring at my DPS numbers and wondering why they weren’t any higher, going to the EJ forums only to be told how incompetent I am for not using the “accepted” talent trees while some nut named Nëlfÿhüntër shows off his epeen… Not really fun. Now I don’t care what my DPS is, as long as I’m not facepulling mobs and putting up decent DPS it’s all I need to know.

  17. fshepard

    Loved this. I’ve been playing wow since ’04 (Holy shit has it really been 8 years?!) and, to be honest, I’ve never been anything more than a casual player out to have fun. It really boils me when I see people whipping out their damage stats or regaling me with why I am a noob, failure, etc. Oh you spend 5-7 nights raiding? Good for you, I’m going to log off and have sex with my wife.

  18. Alayea

    @Music-chan: <3

  19. TheSnowyOne


    From what I’ve heard about the raid finder, you barely even have to know fight mechanics to clear content they made it so easy. Mind you, I am a former raider (I still have nightmares of pre-nerf Mu’ru), who left WoW a year ago to advance other aspects of my life, but I have to agree with those who think that dps numbers (relative to the gear you have) are important to learn to maximize.

    Why? It gets you past content that isn’t reduced to simpleton mode. Higher dps means the boss and any adds mechanics die faster, which has a trickle-down effect of helpfulness to the raid. Less time means there are fewer chances to make a mistake to basic mechanics. Less damage is taken by the tanks and raid, meaning healers are given breathing room on mana efficiency and can more aggressively keep people alive, thus fewer chances of random deaths even if smaller mistakes are made.

    Also, once you learn HOW to properly maximize damage in the current state of the game, you can really start to clear content by only being limited by learning the fight to fight mechanics, and not fighting against the clock of enrage timers or passive overwhelming attributes. I know that some people don’t find that initial learning curve to be ‘fun’, but that is what raiding required for years if you wanted to see all the content and get all the gear.

    I laugh, and then sigh, seeing this comic, because it reminds me how Blizz is ‘pander’ing to casual players to keep sinking money into this game and almost discouraging serious raiding/pvp because all you get is an alternate colored version of the same exact thing.

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