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The Floor: Still remains one of the most deadly bosses in WoW, and yet I still can't find a loot table or a guild that's downed it.

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  1. Vinga

    Haha, this is spot on! One of my favorites 😀

  2. Damnthevalley

    I wish…

  3. Sanzul

    It could probably be condensed down to #2, #8, and #10. Or just #10, with a “bosses killed” number to compare it with.

  4. Bear Pelt

    The Infernal Elevator is in league with The Floor! I swear!

  5. Scar

    Now is the best time to recruit.
    Those who still stay in WoW must be the HardCore dudes!

  6. Dirich

    The most astonishing fact is that with 331 addons he didn’t find the time/space to install a damage meter. As I doubt he would be topping it anyway and asking for the sake of epeen, with that many floor deaths.

  7. Dalamara

    I sooo want this!

    Of course, my deaths to floor (at least from falling on it) would be up there, stupid elevators. <.<

  8. Jenny

    lol re: the floor.

  9. Drogra

    You forgot to include ‘Consecutive wipe runbacks without getting killed by the elevator boss’

  10. Tim

    You also forgot “Runs back after wipe or waits for res even though he died 3 feet into the instance?”

  11. CaptainTool

    on a somewhat related topic if you delete ur character and have him restored you will have no history for at least 6 months…at least in my experience

  12. Alayea

    Undercity elevator — The original elevator boss. xD

  13. Aliok

    —–brought to you by Vanilla WoW and Aliok Was A Noob—–

    “Hey, what’s this over here?”

    “Elevator Boss.”

    “There’s a boss in there?”



    “It only appears when the door is shut. So you have to edge just past the door and stand on the ledge. Then when the door is shut you take a few steps forward. Easy to solo.”


    *one corpse run later*

    “You suck. I’m gonna smack you when I get the chance. >_< "


  14. Matojo (@furiey)

    @Aliok: Ahahaha oh my goodness. xD

    This is brilliant. Also, “Number of times player has uttered ‘REZ PLZ’ when healer’s dead”

  15. VioletArrows

    Uh huh, like someone that horrible would have a halfway decent name. He seems more like a “Lolcleevige” than a Baphelion.

  16. CorporalPunishment

    Nobody noticed that the name of the inspection window is “The Inspection Gadget”?
    For shame.

  17. Sunstep

    I was at an awesome lan-party, and with enough people, we actually managed to down the “Floor Boss.” Yeah, part of the living room collapsed into the basement…

    Man, those repairs were expensive, though. But at least it dropped some grey stuff!

  18. bldavis

    as a RL i would support this whole heartedly
    and 331 addons? WTF?
    i have alot of mods for just specific toons, and i only have 65 😛

  19. Rob

    @dirich: I was under the impression the reason people asked for damage meters in party chat was not because they don’t have one running, but rather that they do and want everyone else to know. By asking for meters instead of posting it themselves, they’re under the mistaken belief that they look like less of an ass.

  20. Wurtane

    @rob: If you’re too lazy to run a damage meters, why ask someone else to make up for your laziness? And if your PC is too crappy to run one, then upgrade already. (Keep in mind, I’m using “you” in the general sense, not “you Rob” personally.) Point is, people should run their own addons.

  21. Dirich

    @rob: my second sentece consider exactly that case, but my assumption (due to “dead dps is 0 dps” and his floor deaths) is that he would be pretty low in the damage/dps ladder, thus he should actually prefear not to see his fail shown.

  22. Aliok

    @Majato: It was pretty funny (after I calmed down). Sadly, I didn’t learn from the experience. A few days later, my brother introduced me to the “welcome bear.”

  23. Aliok

    I mean @Matojo. …I should go to bed.

  24. Taross

    The Floor? I’ll see your Floor and I’ll raise you “Grass”…

  25. Angelic_Mew

    As a feral Druid, I used to CR as soon as it was needed, I could take over tanking if OT died or whatever, I would interrupt any casts that needed to be and I would occasionally remove curses if needed… Progression RAIDer till WotLK…

    -_- Quit RAIDing after realm transfer when Cata hit and new guild didn’t like me being 1K DPS behind… and I didn’t have iLVL 350 (was iLVL344) for 10man normal BoT… Wish I had an Inspection Gadget for guild status when I did transfer

  26. Mikeztarp

    @Aliok: I think we’ve all fallen down that elevator shaft at one point or another. By the way, who wants a ride on my rocket mount? 😛

    About the mouseover message: if someone were to down the Floor Boss, on what would it fall?

  27. Alf

    Dududududu… Inspection Gadget.

    Brilliant 😀

  28. Gorgoth

    omg need that also need a Number of times begged for gold i hate gold beggars

  29. Aiden

    That Daily Blink is stupid. What an awful way to judge someone. They have no information about what context all those things happened in. This is why the community in WoW is turning to shit because no one gives anybody a chance these days, everyone is expected to be perfect and work for the guild master. WoW is a game designed for entertainment and fun, people seem to forget that.

  30. Kane

    I agree with that “request for damage meters” count, but the one before it and the one after it are very troll-worthy, even for you guys.

  31. Anonom

    Atleast he wasn’t a keyboard turner

  32. Nashinoshi

    Check the first Daily Blink for some nice reminiscence

  33. Aliok

    @Aiden: It’s not really about the context of each individual problem. It’s about looking at the player and seeing a consistent type of behavior. And you also have to be careful about using the word “fun” because it is many things to many people in a game-world as large and varied as World of Warcraft.

  34. Gamerguy619

    They coulda stopped looking once they saw it was a Blood Elf Warrior… thats a big no no right there

  35. neoscorpio

    Finally, a funny one after a long, long time.

  36. darkpower

    @Gamerguy619: Soo…a belf can’t be a warrior? You have an issue with Blizz giving Belfs that class?

    Elitist much?

    I have a Goblin Warrior, and he does just fine in Proc spec. So…yeah!

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