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'I don't understand why I'm being picked on so much. Morhaime's been masquerading as Mekkatorque for years and nobody complains about *that*.' --pout--

((Chris Metzen, appearing as Thrall, stands on a roof in Orgrimmar, holding Doomhammer.))

Metzen/Thrall: Citizens of the Horde, hear me! It is I, Thrall, and I have come to reclaim my rightful place as Warchief!

((Doomhammer is struck by lightning))

Metzen/Thrall: Let all who would challenge me tremble at my almighty powers!

Metzen/Thrall: I will crush them like flies! Tiny flies! Like... you know, they're not really in your way at all, but they get annoying, and you swat at them a bunch, but really all they're doing is distracting you from eating your Double Burger? Yeah! Those kind of flies! And--

((The real Thrall appears next to Metzen/Thrall.))

Thrall: *Ahem* Uh, Mr. Metzen?
Metzen/Thrall: Oh. Uh... Hi, Thrall.

Thrall: I thought we'd been over this. What's the rule?
Metzen/Thrall: *sigh* 'Chris Metzen isn't actually Thrall.'
Thrall: Well, saying the rule in third person is kind of adorable, so I'll forgive you this time around.
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